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Wheelock Ch. 38

Wheelock's Latin Chapter 38 Vocabulary

arbor, arboris f; tree
dignitās, dignitātis f; merit, prestige, dignity
dolor, dolōris m; pain, grief
odium, -iī n; hatred
opus, operis n; a work, task, deed, accomplishment
ōrātiō, ōrātiōnis f; speech
pēs, pedis m; lower leg, foot
sator, satōris m; sower, planter, begetter, father, founder
fīrmus, -a, -um firm, strong, reliable
īnfīrmus, -a, -um not strong, weak, feeble
mīrābilis, mīrābile amazing, wondrous, remarkable
prīstinus, -a, -um ancient, former, previous
sublīmis, sublīme elevated, lofty, heroic, noble
etsī conj with ind or subj according to rules for sī; even if (et –sī), although
ergā prep + acc; toward
libenter adv; with pleasure, gladly
impediō, -pedīre, -pedīvī, -pedītum to impede, hinder, prevent
metuō, metuere, metuī to fear, dread, be afraid for + dat
queror, querī, questus sum to complain, lament
recognōscō, -nōscere, -nōvī, -nitum to recognize, recollect
suspendō, -pendere, -pendī, -pēnsum to hang up, suspend, interrupt
vēndō, vēndere, vēndidī, vēnditum to sell
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