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MED104 Mrs. D

Flash cards Ch. 11, 12 & 13

corpus- body
-cle small
ferrit- iron
-in chemical
hemat/o- blood
-crit to separate
hem/o- blood
globin protein
hypo- deficient, below
chrom- color
micro- small
-cyt- cell
pallor paleness of skin
plasma noncellular component of blood
serum fluid remaining after removal of cells and fibrin clot
an- without, lacking
-emic relating to blood
creatin- creatine
-ine pertaining to, substance
erythr/o- red
home/o- the same
-stasis stay in one place
viscous sticky
visco- resistance to flow
-ity condition, state
-blast germ cell
-poiesis to make
-poiet the maker
-poiet the making
heme iron-based component of hemoglobin that carries oxygen
macro- large
phag/e to eat
oxy- oxygen
hem/o- blood
-globin protein
-lysis dectruction
-lyt- destroy
thalass- sea
-emia blood condition
-phil attraction
granul/o- small grain
-penia deficiency
neutr/o- neutral
granul/o- granule
immun/o- immune response
lymph/o- lymph
-nucle- nucleus
mono- single
-osis condition
myel- bone marrow
pan- all
cyt/o- cell
coagul- clump
-ant forming
-stasis control, stop
plate- flat
-let small
thromb/o- clot
thrombin clot
coagul/o- clotting
dis- apart
hematoma bruise
-philia attraction
purpura purple
auto- self, same
-logous relation
all- different, strange
-erg- work
-ergy process of working
allergy hypersensitivity to a particular allergen
-body substance, body
immun- immune response
-ize affect in a specific way
tox- poison
-toxic able to kill
phag/o- to eat
aden- gland
-oid resemble
splen/o- spleen
tonsill- tonsil
hyper- excessive
-splen- spleen
inguin- groin
lymphaden- lymph node
lymphangi/o- lymphatic vessels
-immune immune response
vaccin- giving a vaccine
-ate composed of, pertaining to
-ation process
allo- strange, different
-graft tissue for transplant
ana- away from
-phylaxis protection
defici- failure
-ency quality
suppress- pressed under
urticaria rash of itchy wheals (hives)
dorm- sleep
-ant forming
-virus poison
opportun- taken advantage of
-ist agent
vir- virus
bronchus windpipe
bronch/i- bronchus
pulmon- lung
pharynx throat
rale rattle
-spir- to breathe
-ator person or thing that does something
spir/o- to breathe
-meter measure
-metry process of measuring
sputum to spit
trachea windpipe
ventil- wind
congest- accumulation of fluid
epistaxis nosebleed
meatus passage
muc/o- mucus
-purul- pus
-ent forming
nas- nose
para- adjacent to
rhin/o- nose
sinus cavity
sinus- sinus
a- without
-pnea breathe
-ox- oxygen
-emia condition in the blood
laryng/o- larynx
-pharynx pharynx
-eal pertaining to
somn/o- sleet
-phon- voice
voc- voice
trach/e- trachea
-alis pertaining to
media- middle
-stin- partition
diaphragm/a- diaphragm
in- into
-flat- blow up
-ation process
pleu- pleura
-isy inflammation
-itic pertaining to
pleura rib, side membrane covering the lungs and lining the ribs in the thoracic cavity
brady- slow
-pnea breathe
cyan- dark blue
eu- normal
-hale breathe
ex- out
-ate composed of
-pector- chest
ptysis- spit
hyper- excessive
tachy- rapid
-ectasis dilation
em- in, into
-physema blowing
-capn- carbon dioxide
rhonchus rhonchi wheezing sound heard on auscultation of the lungs
anthrac- coal
asbest- asbestos
atel- incomplete
pneumon- air, lung
-py- pus
-ema result
idi/o personal, distinct
thel/i- lining
-coni- dust
sarc- sarcoma
silic- silicon
-centesis to puncture
tubercul- module, tuberculosis
aer/o- air
sol solution
-dilat- exapnd
nebul- cloud
-izer line of action
tom/o- section
ultra- beyond
son/o- sound
Created by: tdeborde