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MED 104 Mrs.D

Flashcards for Ch. 7 & 8

pen- penis
gonad seed; testis or ovary
perin/e perineum
-ile pertaining to
scrot- scrotum
raphe seam; line separating two symmetrical structures
semen seed
semin- semen
vesic- sac containing fluid
-le small
testicul- testicle
torsion twist
andr/o- masculine
-gen form, create
mei- lessening
-osis condition
mit- threadlike structure
gen- origin, create
-esis abnormal condition
sperm seed
spermat/o- sperm
-genesis origin, creation
test/o- testis
-sterone steriod
-alis pertaining to
chori/o membrane
carcin- cancer
-oma tumor
crytp- hidden
orch/i- testicle
hydr/o- water
-cele cave, swelling
spermat/o- sperm
terat- monster, malformed fetus
varic/o varicosity
ejacul- shoot out
-ate composed of
-ation process
mot- to move
-ility condition, state of
ur/o- urinary system
vesicle blister
UTI urinary tract infection
prosta- prostate
-tic pertaining to
gland- gland
-in chemical
anastom- join together
an- without, lack of
plas- molding, formation
noct- night
-uria urine
prostat- prostate
resect/o cut off
vas/o- duct
glans acorn; head of the penis or clitoris
prepuce foreskin
pripism persistent erection of the penis
trauma- injury
balan- glans penis
cis- to cut
spad- tear or cut
fore- in front
skin skin
-ias condition
phim- muzzle
sperm/i- sperm
urethr/o- urethra
estr/o- woman
gynec/o- female
labium fold of the vulva
mons pubis fleshy pad with pubic hair
obstetr- midwifery
perineum area between the thighs, extending from the coccyx to the pubis
partum- childbirth
post- after
-ent pertaining to, end result
pubesc- to reach puberty
gest- pregnancy
vulva female external genitalia
pareun- lying beside, sexual intercourse
dys- painful
vagina birth canal
vagin- vagina
vesibul- entrance
vulv/o- vulva
-dynia pain
chancre primray lesion of syphilis
cervic- cervix
menses monthly uterine bleeding
menstr/u- menses
-ate composed of, pertaining to
ovary egg
ovari- ovary
-an pertaining to
ovum; ova egg
cyst- cyst
pregn- with child, pregnant
-ancy state of
gestat- gestation, pregnancy
uterus womb
adnex- connected parts
metr/i- uterus
my/o- muscle
os mouth; opening into a canal
follicul- follicle; small sac
ovul- egg
nat- born
lute- yellow
lutein saffron yellow
menopause permanent ending of menstrual periods
palpat- touch, stroke
colp/o- vagina
-cele hernia, swelling
hyster- uterus
prolapse a falling
rect/o rectum
salping- fallopian tube
curett- to cleanse
-age related to
fibr/o- fiber
-oid resembling
my- muscle
lei/o- smooth
metr/o- uterus
-om- tumor, body
cry/o- icy cold
surg- operate
-ery process of
plas- molding
fertil- able to conceive
coit- sexual intercourse
coitus sexual intercourse
ligat- tie up
zygot- yoked together
abort- fail at onset
amnion membrane around fetus
amni/o- amnion
-centesis puncture
embry/o- embryo
fet- fetus
-gravida pregnant woman
parity number of delieveries
para abbreviation for number of deliveries
trimester 3 months' duration
umbilic- umbilicus
vernix caseosa substance covering skin of the fetus
episi/o- vulva
labor process of expulsion of the fetus
lochia vaginal discharge following childbirth
puer- child
-perium bringing forth
ectop- on the outside; displaced
mort- death
preeclampsia hypertension, edema, and proteinuria during pregnancy
term- normal gestation
terat/o- malformed fetus; monster
neo- new
nuchal cord loop of umbilical cord around the fetal neck
abruptio to break off
apnea lack of breath
meconium first bowl movement of the newborn
mature- ripe; ready
-via the way
lact/i- milk
mamm- breast
galact/o- milk
mast- breast
aden- gland
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