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MED 104 Mrs.D

Flash Cards Chapters 3 & 4

dent- tooth
dia- complete
-gnosis knowledge of an abnormal condition
diagnosis The determination of the cause of a disease
-gnose recognize an abnormal condition
endocarditis inflammation of the lining of the heart
hem/o- Blood
murmur abnormal sound heard on auscultation of the heart of blood vessels
pyrex- fever, heat
-ia condition
-al pertaining to
abdomin- abdomen
-ic pertaining to
col- colon
-icky arising from
vertebr- spine
-ion action, condition
tens- pressure
radi/o- radiation
-paque shady
blast/o- immature cell; germ cell
-cyst cyst, sac, bladder
cellul- small cell
cyt/o- cell
fertiliz- to bear
o/o- egg
-cyte cell
-elle small
organ- organ
chromat- color
chrom/o- color
-in substance, chemical compound
-some body
-lyte soluble
electr/o- electric
metabol- change
-ism condition
-us pertaining to
nucle/o- nucleus
carb/o- carbon
-hydr- water
catabol- break down
-ior pertaining to
-later- side
co- together
-ate composed of, pertaining to
-thel-i nipple
excrete separate
hist/o- tissue
ligament band
medial middle
meniscus crescent
patella small plate; kneecap
secrete release
-gen produce, form
coll/a- glue
oste/o- bone
-clast break
tendon sinew; fibrous band that connects muscle to bone
home/o- the same
-trophy development
septic- infected
-emia blood condition
urin- unine
anterior front surface of body; situated in front
caudal pertaining to or nearer to the tail
cephalic pertaining to or nearer to the head
cephal- head
caud- tail
coronal pertaining to the vertical plane dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions
coron- crown
distal situated away from the center of the body
dist- away from the center
dorsal pertaining to the back or situated behind
dors- back
frontal in front; relating to the anterior part of the body
front- front
inferior situated below
infer- below
posterior pertaining to the back surface of the body; situated behind
poster- coming behind
-ior pertaining to
prone lying face-down; flat on your abdoment
proximal situated nearest the center of the body
proxim- nearest
sagittal pertaining to the vertical plane through the body, dividing it into right and left portions
sagitt- arrow
superior situated above
super- above
supine lying face-up, flat on your spine
transverse crosswise; pertaining to the horizontal plane dividing the body into upper and lower portions
ventral pertaining to the abdomen or situated nearer the surface of the abdomen
ventr- belly
pelv- pelvis
quadrant one quarter
umbilic- belly button; navel
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