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Onur Quiz 2-main

Onur Quiz 2 - functions

Bai Zhi functions 1. Disperse wind-damp, alleviate pain(W-C headache, Yangming HA, or Bi yuan sinusitis)2. Expel pus, stop leucorrhea. Also Antifungal.
Qiang Huo functions 1. Disperse wind-damp, alleviate pain(Body ache and TAIYANG Headache d/t W-C) 2. Expel W-D, unblock upper body Bi syndrome
Qiang Huo + Du Huo Tx: whole body Bi syndrome. Formula Juan Bi Tang
Qiang Huo is contained in which classic W-H formula? Yin Qiao San
Qiang Huo ascends up which 2 channels? Taiyang and DU
Gao Ben functions 1. Disperse wind-damp, alleviate pain(Body ache and VERTEX Headache d/t W-C), Pain in LR channel, pain in cheeks and teeth 2. Expel W-D, unblock upper body Bi syndrome
Which meridians meet at the vertex? All of them but mainly LR.
Xin Yin Hua + Cang Er Zi Bi Yuan(sinusitis) Formula: Cang Er Zi San
Is Cang Er Zi toxic? Yes.
Which Warm, Acrid, release ext. herb treats sunstroke and food poisoning? Xiang Ru
Sang Ye 1. Disprs wind, clr heat, moisten Lung 2. Clear Liver, brighten the eyes
Ju Hua 1. Disperse wind, clear heat, relieve toxicity 2. Clear LR heat, nourish LR yin, benefit eyes
Bo He 1. Disperse wind-heat, vent rashes Esp. clear head/eyes/throat. 2. Spread liver Qi.
Niu Bang Zi 1. Disperse W-H, vent rashes 2. Strongest for sore throat. 3. Moisten bowels.
Chan Tui 1. Disperse W-H, Clear LU heat, 2. Vent rash, stop itch(strongest) 3. Clear LR heat, ext. int wind to stop spasms, convulsions, tremors Childhood night terror.
Which 3 herbs in the Cool Acrid release Ext. category disperse W-H and clear head and eyes? Man Jing Zi, Mi Meng Hua, Mu Zei
Chai Hu 1. (Main herb to )Disperse Shaoyang.(9 g) 2. Spread Liver qi (6g) 3. Raise Yang, lift sunken Qi (3g)
Sheng Ma 1. Disperse Yangming heat/release toxins rashes,measles,sores,Yangming headache, Sore throat,Toothache 2. Raise clear Yang, lift sunken Qi
Ge Gen 1. Release the exterior (W-C/H) stiff upper back & neck** 2. Raise Yang qi Vent rashes, stop diarrhea 3. Gen.fluids/allev thrist Xiao Ke Bing
Xiang Ru 1. Clear summer heat, 2. Promote urination
Shi Gao Dosage 15 grams, fast acting/ short lasting
Shi Gao Functions 1. Clear heat/fire/toxicity. 2.Topical for sores
Zhi Mu 1. Clear heat/fire, 2. Nourish Yin, moisten dryness. Slow acting/long lasting
Lu Gen 1. Clear heat, generate fluid, 2. Clear LU /ST heat 3. Promote urination(Lin syndrome)
Tian Hua Fen 1. Clear heat, generate fluid, 2. Clear LU /ST heat, 3. Transform phlegm by moistening, 4. reduce sweeling/pus
Is Tian Hua Fen incompatible w/ Wu tou? yes.
Dan Zhu Ye 1. Clear heat, gen fluids, tx: irritability, 2. Promote urine, clear BL heat
Xia Ku Cao Clear LR/GB fire, 2. Clear hot phlegm, disip nodules
Jue Ming Zi Clear LR heat, brighten eyes, 2. Moisten LI
Which 4 herbs Clear LR heat, brighten eyes?What category? Jue Ming Zi, Mi Meng Hua, Qing Xiang Zi, Gu Jing Cao(Clear heat/Drain Fire category)
Zhi Zi 1. Clear heat/fire, tx:irritability
How does Zhi Zi help the HT? Clears heat for chest oppression, insomnia, irritability
How does Zhi Zi help the LU? Clears heat for sore throat
How does Zhi Zi help the ST? Clears heat for high fever w/ thirst
How does Zhi Zi help the LR? Clears heat for LR QI YU w/ anger
What is the 2nd function of Zhi Zi? 2. Drain Damp Heat from LR(Jaundice), LI(Dysentery), BL(Lin)
Sang Bai Pi 1. Drain LU heat, 2. moisten LU, 3. Promote urination to tx: superficial edema
Herbs that clear LU heat Sang Bai Pi, Yu Xing Cao, Huang Qin, Jin Yin HUa, Lian Qiao, Lu Gen, Tian Hua Fen
Huang Qin 1. Clear Heat, Dry Damp, drain fire, 2. Relieve Toxicity, 3. Clear heat/stop bleeding, 4. Clear heat/calm fetus
What does Huang Qin do for the UJ? tx:chest oppression
What does Huang Qin do for the LU? tx:cough w/ thick yellow sputum
What does Huang Qin do for the GB? tx:shaoyang syndrome, D-H jaundice
What does Huang Qin do for the LI/ST? tx:D-H diarrhea/dysentery
What does Huang Qin do for the UB? tx:D-H Lin
Huang Lian 1. Clear Heat, Dry Damp, drain fire, 2. Relieve toxicity for sores and rashes
What does Huang Lian do for the HT? tx irritability, insomnia, mouth sores
What does Huang Lian do for the LR? tx LR overacting on ST (W/ Wu Zhu Yu in Zuo Jin Wan)
What does Huang Lian do for the LI? tx D-H diarrhea/dysentery
Huang Bai 1. Clear heat, drain Damp 2. Clear heat/toxicity(aux) 3. Clear Deficient Heat
Does Huang Bai treat steaming bone, night sweat, noct emission? Yes.
Long Dan Cao 1. Drain LR/GB D-H , 2. clear LR Fire
Which is the main herb for Herpes? Long Dan Cao
Ku Shen 1. Promote Urination, drain LJ Damp 2. Stop itch, kill parasite, dispel D-H
Is Ku Shen hot or cold? Extremely bitter and cold
Xi Jiao 1. Clear Ying and Blood level heat, STRONGEST to stop bleeding by cooling blood. 2.Clear LR Fire, 3. Clear HT fire
Sheng Di Huang 1. Clear Ying and Blood level heat, stop bleeding by cooling blood. 2. Nourish Yin, gen fluid, clear xu heat.
Which is stronger to stop bleeding by cooling blood?Xi Jiao or Sheng Di Huang? Xi jiao
Xuan Shen 1. Clear Ying/Blood level heat, stop bleeding by cooling blood, 2. Nourish Yin, gen fluid 3. Resolve toxins/dissip. nodules(sore throat and goiter) SALTY
Mu Dan Pi 1. Cool blood, 2. Move blood, 3.Nourish blood 4. Relieve toxin, reduce swelling. Important for Uterine fibroids, endometriosis, dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea
Which Cool Blood/Stop Bleeding herb is best for Uterine fibroids, endometriosis, dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea? Mu Dan Pi
Chi Shao 1. Cool blood, 2. Move blood/Relieve Pain, 3.Slightly nourishes blood (also relieves toxins, clears LR heat for eye pain)
Zi Cao Gen 1. Cool blood, Moves blood, vents rashes, 2. Relieves toxicity
Jin Yin Hua 1. Clears excess heat, W-H, 2. Relieve toxicity, reduce nodules 3. Cools blood/ stops bloody dysentery
Lian Qiao !. Disperse W-H(small dose) 2. Clear Toxic heat(larger dose) inc. Heat in HT/PC.
Which Clear Heat/Toxicity herb is good for chronic, non healing sores? Lian Qiao
Pu GongYing 1. Relieve toxicity, reduce abscess, dissip nodules, (also D-H jaundice and promote breast milk)
What is number 1 herb for breast abscess? Pu Gong Ying
Zi Hua Di Ding 1. relieve toxic heat for skin conditions and red eyes
Ye Ju Hua 1. Clear heat/toxicity (no moistening, nourishing aspect like Ju Hua)
Bai Xian Pi 1. Relieve toxicity, drain D-H, alleviate itch for all D-H skin conditions w/ itch
Tu Fu Ling 1. Relieve toxicity, drain D-H, alleviate itch for skin, 2. Syphyllis and mercury poisoning
Which 2 Clear Heat/Toxicity herbs are often combined for itching? Bai Xian Pi + Tu Fu Ling
Ya Dan Zi 1 Drain D-H, resolve toxinsfor dysentery. (Also treat Shaoyang and topical for warts)
What are the main herbs for intestinal abscess and appendicitis? Bai Jiang Cao and Hong Teng
Bai Tou Weng 1. Drain D-H, relieve toxicity, cool blood for severe bloody dysentery
Qin Pi 1. Drain D-H, relieve toxicity, cool blood for dysentery, vag. discharge, 2. Clear LR heat, benefit eyes
Which 3 Clear Heat/Toxicity herbs treat bloody dysentery and D-H leucorrhea? Which tx: eyes? Bai Tou Weng, Qin Pi, Ma Chi Xian. Qin Pi clears LR heat for eyes
Bai Hua She She Cao 1. Drain D-H, resolve toxicity. Has broad action to tx: all fire toxicity of GI track from mouth to anus.
She Gan 1. Resolve toxin, benefit throat, 2. Clear Phlegm from LU
Shan Dou Gen 1. Resolve toxin, benefit throat(also D-H jaundice)
Ban Lan Gen 1. Resolve toxin, cool blood, treat fire toxicity of head and face
Ma Bo 1. Resolve toxin, benefit throat(Hoarse,LOV, Dry itchy), @. Stops bleeding
Da Qing Ye 1. Cool blood, resolve toxicity 2. Treat skin macules/blotches, mouth and tongue sores
Yu Xing Cao The ultimate LU toxicity herb.1. Clears toxicity, 2. pus, 3. Damp
Qing Dai 2. LR Fire causing internal wind(child convulsion/epilepsy)1. Cool Blood, resolve toxicity(like Da Qing Ye but weaker)
Ban Zhi Lian 1. Move Blood Stasis, resolve toxins. Treats LR:cirrhosis, ascites, hepatitis. Topical for snake bite
Chuan Xin Lian 1.Eliminate D-H, resolve toxicity. BITTER. Treats all infectious disease of LU, ST, IN, BL.
(Lu) Feng Fang Attacks toxins with toxins for all toxic conditions. Mostly topical in US.
What are the 4 clear summer heat herbs? Xi Gua Pi, Lu Dou, He Ye, Bai Bian Dou. Lu Dou is antidote for toxic substances
Qing Hao Clears Deficient heat, summer heat, heat in Shaoyang, residual WFD in Yin level. MALARIA.
Bai Wei 1. Clears Deficient heat, Cools blood. (2.promotes urination)
Di Gu Pi 1. Clears Deficient heat, Cools blood to Tx: Xiao Ke and steaming bone, 2. Clear LU heat, nourish LU Yin.
Yin Chai Hu 1. Clears Deficient heat,(tx: steaming bone and Gan ji
Hu Huang Lian 1. Clears Deficient heat, clear D-H (Similar to and often combined with Yin Chai Hu)
Da Huang 1. Purge fire/accum. via stool, unblock bowels, 2. Purge D-H via the bowels(INCREASES PARISTALSIS)3. Cool blood, relieve tox, stop bleedng (Charred)4. Move blood stasis (Wine-fried)forPost-partum blood stas w/pain &amenorrhea
Is Da Huang Contraindicated in prego? Yes
Mang Xiao 1. Purge Fire, soften and moisten stool.(Softens bowels by puling water in) 2. Clears heat/reduces swelling
Fan Xie Ye Purge heat, move bowels
Lu Hui 1.Purge heat, reduce accum., 2. Kills parasites 3. Topical for burns
Huo Ma Ren 1. Moisten intestines, move bowels (Tonifys-can be used for chronic constipation in weak/elderly)
Yu Li Ren 1. Moisten intestines, move bowels, 2. Promote urination/reduce edema. (no tonification like Huo Ma Ren)
Which herbs are in the category “Harsh Expellants”? Gan Sui, Da Ji, Yuan Hua, Qian Niu Xi, Ba Dou
Du Huo 1. Dispel W-D-C to alleviate pain, 2. Guide to low back and legs, (Esp for W-C-D Bi below T9)
Wei Ling Xian 1. Dispel W-D-C, unblock Bi, soften stiffness, alleviate pain, 2. For Fishbone in throat.
Which Dispel Wind-Damp herb Enters all 12 meridians to tx: pain anywhere? (Also can harm GI Mucosa) Wei Ling Xian
Can Sha 1. Dispel W-D from muscle and skin. Tx: Heavy pain, SPASM esp. in calves. 2. Transforms damp, HZ ST
Fen Fang Ji 1. Dispel W-D, drain damp-heat, reduce joint swelling 2. Strong diuretic- Promotes urination/reduces edema
Xi Xian Cao 1. RAW-Dispels heat-Bi, relieves toxins and itch, 2.WINE steamed- Dispels W-D Bi, tonifies LR and KD
Qin Jiao 1.Dispels W-D, unblocks collaterals, relax sinews, relieve muscle spasms, 2. Clear deficient heat, 3. Moisten int. move bowels.
Which Dispel W-D herb is good for elderly/poststroke patients and steaming bone? Qin Jiao
Which Dispel W-D herb goes to LR/GB to treat stubborn spasms? And has an uncharacteristically moistening nature? Qin Jiao
Mu Gua 1. Dispels W-D, unblocks collaterals, relax sinews, relieve muscle SPASMS, 2. Aromatically transforms damp to tx: nausea, vomit, diarrhea w/ muscle spasms.
Which Dispel W-D herb is sour and goes to LR to relax sinews and SP to relieve muscle spasms? Mu Gua
Bai Hua She 1. Dispels STUBBORN wind-damp to unblock collaterals, relax sinews, stop convulsions. (Stronger than MU Gua)
Which Dispel W-D herb tx: stubborn Bi, hemiplegia/paralysis/Spasm after strokes? Caution with anti coagulants. Bai Hua She
Sang Zhi 1. Dispel W-D open collaterals (esp. for spasm, tingling, numbness in upper limbs) 2. Promote urination, drain damp, reduce swelling/edema. Good for problems with hands.
Hai Tong Pi 1.Dispels W-D, Opens Collaterals, Relieves Itch/Kills Parasites(also Promotes Urine/Reduces Edema and Tx: Toothache.
Sang Ji Sheng 1. Dispel W-D, Tonify LR/KD, Nourish blood, strengthen sinews/bones 2. Calm Fetus
Which herb is in almost all Bi Syndrome formulas? Sang Ji Sheng
Wu Jia Pi(CIi Wu Jia) 1. Dispel W-D, Tonify LR/KD, Nourish blood, strengthen sinews/bones. Tx: developmentally delayed children. 2. Promote urine, reduce swelling and Pi Shui.
Between Sang Ji Sheng and Wu Jia Pi, which is stronger to dispel W-D, which is stronger to Tonify LR/KD? Sang Ji Sheng for W-D, Wu Jia Pi to tonify LR/KD.
Which 2 herbs are good for chronic sore and weak low back and knees? Sang Ji Sheng and Wu Jia Pi
Qian Nian Jian 1. Dispel W-D, Tonify LR/KD, Nourish blood, strengthen sinews/bones. Weaker than Sang Ji Sheng and Wu Jia Pi.
Hu Gu 1. STRONGLY Dispel W-D, Tonify LR/KD, Nourish blood, strengthen sinews/bones. Like Sang Ji Sheng and Wu Jia Pi together times 10!
Cang Zhu 1. Dry Damp in MJ, Tonify Sp, 2. Dispel W-D, release ext.(Potentiates nasal herbs) 3. Improves night vision.
Huo Xiang 1. Dry Damp, revive Sp, Calm Nausea and vomit. 2. Release ext. relieve summer D-H. For Turbid damp in MJ, morning sickness, food poison.
Pei Lan Milder version of Huo Xiang. 1. Dry damp, revive SP, 2. Relieve summerheat or ext. D-H Turbid-damp accum in MJ.
Which Aromatic Transform Damp herb tx: chest oppression w/ profuse, thick, sticky saliva and a sweet taste? Pei lan
Hou Po 1. Regulate Qi, reduce stagnation, drry dampness. 2. Transform phlegm, descend qi. Primary for epi. Distention d/t stagnation.
Which herb in the Aromatic Transfrm Damp category is primary for epigastric distention d/t Qi stagnation? Hou Po
Sha Ren 1. Regs Qi, dries damp, warms/HZs MJ, revives SP. Treat Nausea and vomit due to MJ deficient cold. 2. Calms fetus
Between the Aromatic Transform Damp herbs Hou Po and Sha Ren, which is more for distention, which for pain? Hou Po for distention, Sha Ren for pain.
Bai Dou Kou 1. Dry damp, move & regulate qi, warm & harmonize MJ, revive Spleen. Like Sha Ren, but stronger; esp. for Nausea/Vomit**
Which are the 3 cardamom Aromatic Drain Damp herbs that Dry Damp,Move Qi & Warm MJ? Bai Dou Kou, Cao Dou Kou, Cao Guo
Fu Ling 1. Drains Dampness/Reduces Swelling(Chi), 2. Promotes Urination(Pi), 3. Tonifies Spleen(Bai), 4. Calm Siprit(Shen)
Which damages fluids more- Fu Ling or Zhu Ling? Zhu Ling. (Fu Ling doesn’t damage fluids.)
Zhu Ling 1.Promote urination/leach out damp. Stronger than Fu Ling. No calm shen function.
Ze Xie 1.Promote urination/leach out damp and CLEAR DEFICIENT HEAT. Doesn’t damage fluids.)Ing. In Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Wu Ling San, Zhu ling tang
Yi Yi Ren 1.Tonify SP, resolve damp, clear heat, reduce edema, 2. Elim damp from sinews/muscles, 3. Clear heat/expel pus for LU and LI abscess. Damp Damp Damp but Mild Mild Mild! (Comparable to Fu Ling.)
Che Qian Zi 1. Separates clear from turbid, drain damp, clear heat, disinhibit urination, 2. Clear LR heat for EYES (also stops watery diarrhea, stops cough)
Hua Shi 1.Drain damp, clear heat, Disinhibit Urination, 2. Clear summer heat, 3. Stop watery diarrhea, 4. Topical for skin
Chuan Mu Tong 1.Clear heat, Disinhibit Urination, Clears HT heat irritability & UB Damp Lin (also promote lactation and move blood stasis from collaterals)
Tong Cao Generally supports Chuan Mu Tong -1.Clear heat, Disinhibit Urination, 2. Promote lactation
Deng Xin Cao 1.Clear heat, Disinhibit Urination for HT heat and Re Lin. External pray for LU Heat/pharygolarygeal inflammation.
Bi Xie/Bei Xie Main herb to Promote urination/sep. pure from turbi-.1. Cloudy Lin; 2. Excessive vaginal discharge
Qu Mai 1. Promo urination/unblock urin. Obstruction for D-H Lin, 2. Move blood, promote menstrual flow
Bian Xu 1. Promo urination/unblock urin. Obstruction, 2. Kill parasites, stop itch. Interchangeable w/ Di Fu Zi.
Di Fu Zi 1. Promo urination/unblock urin. Obstruction, 2. Elim. damp, stop itch
What are three Drain Damp herbs that tx: D-H Lin and Itchy skin? Bian Xu, Di Fu Zi, Chi Shao Dou(aduki)
Shi Wei 1. Dissolve stones/unblock urin. Obstruction (Also can clear LU and Blood heat)
Hai Jin Sha 1. Dissolve stones/unblock urin. Obstruction (mild action)
Jin Qian Cao Strongest for stones. Also clears D-H for GB stones w/ jaundice
Yin Chen Hao 1. All jaundice. High dose 10-30g. (Also itchy damp oozy sores)
Ban Xia 1. Dry damp, transform phlegm, dissipate nodules(for SP(Pi syn.), ST(N/V/morning sic), LU(chest congestion, ,plum pit)
Tian Nan Xing 1. Transform phlegm/ Expel wind - Wind-phlegm invades LR/dizzy/vertigo.(Can tx: CA, post stroke sequela)
Bai Fu Zi 1. Transform phlegm/Expel wind-Wind-phlegm invading head/face, facial paralysis*,migraine HA*
Bai Jie Zi 1. Transform phlegm, disperse Qi, dissip. Nodules,open collaterals(pleural effusion & pleurisy**)
Jie Geng 1. Disperse LU Qi, tx: phlegm/pus, benefit throat, 2. Guide formulas to LU 3. Raise clear qi
Xuan Fu Hua Descend ST/LU Qi(N/V), expel phlegm(cough/wheeze). Treats N/V but OD leads to N/V and sweat.
Bai Qian 1. Descend LU Qi, expel phlegm, stop cough
Gua Lou Clear lung heat, expel phlegm, expand Chest Qi. (Moistens LU, Transforms Phlegm, Moistens bowels)
Chuan Bei Mu 1. Moisten lung, transform phlegm, clear heat, stop cough
Zhe Bei Mu 1. Transform hot-phlegm, stop cough (stronger than Chuan Bei Mu.), 2. Dissolve nodules/relieve toxins
Dan Nan Xing Same as Tian Nan Xing but tx: heat. 1. Transform hot-phlegm, Expel wind-phlegm from meridians
Zhu Ru 1. Transform hot-phlegm, stop N/V. For LU heat, GB heat w/irritability insomnia, ST heat & morning sic.
Qian Hu 1. Transform phlegm, descend Lung qi & disperse W-H
Hai Zao 1. Soften hardness, dissolve phlegmnodes. 2. Promote urination, reduce edema
Kun Bu 1. Soften hardness, dissolve phlegmnodes. 2. Promote urination, reduce edema
Xing Ren 1. Primary to descend LU Qi, 2. Moisten intestines, move Bowels
Zi Su Zi 1. Descend Lu qi, stop cough/wheez, 2. Moisten int./move bowels . Strong to dry phlegm
Bai Bu 1. Moisten LU/ Descend qi, Stop cough, 2. Kill parasites
Zi Wan 1. Moisten Lu, descend qi, stop cough
Which 2 Drain Damp herbs are esp. good for chronic, deficient consumptive coughs? Bai Bu & Zi Wan
Kuan Dong Hua 1. Moisten Lu, descend qi, stop cough
Sang Bai Pi 1. Drain LU Heat via urin, Moisten lung, calm wheezing, 2. Promotes urination for edema
Pi Pa Ye 1. Transform phlegm-HEAT, descend rebellious qi(LU/ST), moisten LU
Ting Li Zi 1. Strongly promo urin. to drain phlegm-fluids/reduce edema. Best for Pleural Effusion pt. unable to lie down flat**.
Which Transform Phlegm/Stop cough and Wheeze herbs treat pleurisy? Bai Jie Zi and Ting Li Zi
Ma Dou Ling Do not use- aristolochic acid
How does Tian Hua Fen transform phlegm? Liquifies and moistens(unlike Ban Xia which dries)
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