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Unit 1 SS Vocab quiz

Cardinal Directions The main directions on a map. N,E,S,W
Intermediate Directions The directions halfway between the main directions. NE,SE, SW, NW
Relative Location The location of one place based on its relationship to another place
Map Scale Part of the map that shows the distance that the map covers
Physical Characteristics Land forms that can be found naturally on Earth (mountains, plains)
Human Characteristics Things in our environment that people have put there (building,road)
Modify the Environment Changing the environment to suit the needs of the people
Positive Consequences Good things that occur as a direct result of something that has happened.
Negative Consequences Bad things that occur as a direct result of something that has happened
Primary Source An account of an event that was reported by somebody who was present when the event occured
Secondary Source An account of events given by somebody who was not present when the event occured
Prehistoric Indians Indians that lived in the time BEFORE history was recorded or written
Historic Indians Indians that lived when history was recorded or written
Time Line Shows a series of events in the order in which they occured