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H 1 MV #1 Adjectives

Henle I Master Vocab Review 1 Adjectives

altus, a, um high; deep
angustus, a, um narrow
bonus, a um good
Christianus, a, um Christian
cupidus, a, um; with gen. eager, desirous
finitimus, a, um; with dat. neighboring, next
longus, a, um long
magnus, a, um great,large
malus, a, um bad
multus, a, um much, many
plenus, a, um; with gen or abl full
primus, a, um first
reliquus,a, um remaining; the rest of
Romanus, a, um Roman
sanctus, a, um holy
tutus, a, um safe
brevis, e short
communis, e common
difficilis, e difficult
facilis, e easy
fortis, e brave; strong
gravis, e serious; heavy; severe
nobilis, e noble; renowned
omnis, e all; every
similis, e w. gen or abl like; similar
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