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Unit One

Unit One Review

Latitude Imaginary lines that measure north or south of the Equator
Longitude Imaginary lines that measure east or west of the Prime Meridian
Prime Meridian Line of longitude that is located at 0°
Equator Line of latitude that is located at 0°
Topography Elevation of different features in a landscape
Climate Region with particular weather patterns
International Date Line The line of longitude that separates two consecutive calendar days at 180 degrees
Map Key Part of the map tells what the symbols represent. It is also called a legend
Compass Rose Part of the map that show direction
Political Map Type of map that shows the names and boundaries of countries. It will also show the location of important cities
Physical Map Type of map that shows landforms and water features
Historical Map Shows events that occurred in the region over time
Contour Map Type of a map that shows elevation
Scale Bar Feature on a map that measures distance
High latitude climate subarctic
Location of Marine West Coast climate Northwestern Europe
Vegetation of Tropical Savanna Grass with a few scattered trees
Isthmus narrow piece of land that connects to larger pieces of land
peninsula land that is surrounded by water on three sides
delta where the river meet a larger body of water
valley the land between 2 hills or mountains
strait narrow stretch of water that connects to larger bodies of water
Glacier a slow moving piece of ice on the side of a mountain
plateau a large flat area of land that is higher than other areas of land that surround it
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