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Respiratory Phys EQ

WVSOM -- Respiratory Physiology Equations

Physiologic Dead Space Vd = Vt X (PAco2 - PEco2)/PAco2
minute ventilation Tv X bpm
Alveolar ventilation (Tv-Deadspace) x bpm
Dead Space Vt X (PAco2-PEco2 / PAco2)
Normal value of FEV1/FVC 0.8
Total Lung Capacity Sum of all 4 lung volumes
compliance volume/pressure
Airflow Q=P/R
Poiseuille's law R= 8nl/(pi)r4
Asthma FEV decreased
COPD FEV1 decreased
Fibrosis FEV slightly decreased
Asma FVC slightly decreased
COPD FVC slightlly decreased
Fibrosis FVC Greatly decreased
FEV1/FVC asthma decreased
COPD FEV/FVC drecreased
Fibrosis FEV/FVC normal or increased
FRC asthma increased
FRC COPD increased
FRC Fibrosis decreased
Partial Pressure Total Pressure X Fractional gas concentration
Fractional Gas concentration of O2 0.21
partial pressure of h2o 47 mmHg
Partial pressure of Po2 in trachea 150
PO2 of dry air 160
Po2 of alvolar air 100
PO2 of arterial blood 100
PO2 of venous blood 40
Pco2 of arterial blood 40
Pco2 of venous blood 46
Pco2 of dry inspired air 0
O2 percentage in air 21
CO2 percentage in air 0.03
Percentage of N2 79%
Pulmonary Vascular Resistance (Pa – Pv)/flow rate
The laboratory provides the following report on arterial blood from a patient: PCO2 32 mmHg, pH 7.25, HCO3- concentration 25 mmol/liter. pH = 6.1 + log [HCO3-]/[CO2] = 6.1 + log (25/0.03 x 32)
alveolar gas equation PAO2 = PIO2 – (PACO2/R)
Created by: Todd Jamrose Todd Jamrose on 2009-01-21

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