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Chemical Warfare Agents

What do Nerve Agents do? Attack the nervous system and affect muscle control, vision, heart and lung functions.
Tabun - Type of Agent - GA - Nerve
Sarin - Type of Agent GB - Nerve
Soman - Type of Agent GD - Nerve
No Common Name VX - Nerve
What do Blister Agents do? Attack and destroy cell tissue, cause skin and eye irritation, inflamation, and severe blisters.
Distilled Mustard - Type of Agent HD - Blister
Nitrogen Mustard - Type of Agent HN-3 - Blister
Lewisite - Type of Agent L - Blister
What do Blood Agents do? What is another name for them. Disrupt the oxygen-carrying properties of the blood.
What is another name used for Blood Agents? Cyanogens
What is another name used for Blister Agents? Vesicants
What type of agent is Hydrogen Cyanide Blood
What type of agent is Cyanogen Chloride Blood
What is another named used of Pulmonary Agents? Choking
What do Pulmonary Agents do? Cause irritation and inflammation of the bronchial tubes and lungs primarily causing pulmonary edema.
Diphosgene - Type of Agent CG - Pulmonary
Diphosgene - Type of Agent DP - Pulmonary
Chlorine - Type of Agent Cl - Pulmonary
Chloropicrin - Type of Agent PS - Pulmonary
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