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spanish vocab

chapters 1-5 basico

el alojamiento lodging
el balneario spa
el consejo advice
el crucero cruise
la cuenta bill
la factura check
el destino destination
la estadia stay
la excusion tour
el folleto brochure
el huesped guest
el mostrador counter
el placer pleasure
el presupuesto budget
el propina tip
la tarifa rate, fare
la ventaja advantage
aprovechar to take advantage of, to make the most of (something)
asegurar to assure
divertirse to have a good time, to enjoy oneself
emprender to undertake
lujoso luxurious
modico moderate, reasonable (prices)
contar con count on
guardar silencio to remain silent
meterse donde no le llaman to butt in
la aduana customs
la cola line in which people wait
la comprobante baggage claim
el talon stub or receipt
el control de pasaportes passport checkpoint
el control de seguridad security checkpoint
la demora delay
el equipaje de mano carry on
el horario de vuelos flight schedule
maletero porter
el mozo de equipajes skycap
el pasaje ticket
el boleto ticket
el billete ticket
la tarjeta de embarque boarding pass
la visa visa
chequear to frisk, to search
estar en regla to be in order
facturar to check through (baggage, goods)
hacer escala to make a stop over
perder un vuelo to miss a flight
revisar to check, to inspect
tomar un vuelo to catch a flight
ida y vuelta round trip
a tiempo on time
adelantado ahead of schedule, early
atrasado delayed
por cierto by the way, incidentally
tocarle (a uno) to be ones turn
tratarse de to be about, to be a question of
el aperitivo appetizer
el entremes appetizer
la camarera waitress
el mesero waiter
la copa drink (alcoholic)
el fondo back of a room or building
el local place, premises
la pareja pair, couple
el postre dessert
el primer / segundo plato first / second course
la racion portion
el refresco soft drink
charlar to chat
citarse (con) to make a dare or appointment
comprometerse to commit oneself, to get engaged
encontrarse to meet, to run into
ponerse to become
probar to taste, to try
senalar to signal
fuerte strong, heavy
ligero light
alrededor around
enseguida right away
a partir de starting from
de espaldas with ones back turned
hacer falta to need, to be missing
que casualidad what a coincidence
el almacen department store
la tienda por departamentos department store
la bolsa hand bag
la cartera hand bag
la dependienta store clerk
la estacion de policia police station
la comisaria police station
la ganga bargain
la plata money
la pasta money
el puesto stand
el ratero theif
el ladron theif
la talla clothing size
agacharse to bend down
cobrar to charge a price
denunciar to report to an authority
fijarse en to notice
pagar en efectivo to pay cash
pagar al contado to pay cash
pagar con tarjeta de credito to charge
probarse to try on
regatear to bargain
soltar to let go of
confiado trusting
fijo fixed (prices)
gratis free of charge
darse cuenta to become aware of, to realize
lo de menos the least of it
no ser para tanto to be not so bad
por mi as far as im concerned
el anuncio comercial
el aparato de video videocassette recorder
la videocasetera VCR
el asunto subject, matter
la cadena television netword
el canal channel
la imagen picture on tv
el noticiero news program
el telediario news program
la pelicula mocie
la programacion programming
la telenovela soap opera
la televidente tv viewer
el televisor television set
la transmision broadcast
la difusion broadcast
grabar to record
meterse en algo to get involved in something
estar metido en to be involved in something
poner to turn on
apagar el televisor to turn off the tv
la television tv
transmitir to broadcast
emitir to broadcast
casero homemade, domestic, home loving
util useful
alla uds thats your (his her their) buisness
delante de las (tus sus nuestras) narices right under my nose
estar harto de to be fed up with
estar pendiente de to be hanging on, to be waiting for
no tener mas remedio to have no alternative
que es tu vida? what have you been up to?
por casualidad by chance
por desgracia unfortunately
por eso therefore
por lo menos at least
por lo visto apparently
por si acaso just in case
por supuesto of course
por todas partes everywhere
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