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WS lists 1-5

abash to make ashamed; to embarass
unabashedly to do something wtihout shame or embarassment
abate to reduce
abatement a reduction; tax abatement- tax reduction
abject hopeless, extremely sad and servile; defeatedan abject person is one who is crushed and without hope aka a slave"abject poverty"--hopeless, desperate proverty
abnegate to deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce
abortive unsuccessful
absolve to forgive or free from blame; to free from sin; to free from obligation; the act of absolving is called absolution
abstruse hard to understand
abysmal extremely hopeless or wretched; bottomless
acerbic bitter; sour; severe; acerb
acquiesce to comply passively; to accept; to assent; to agree.. aka to do something wtihout objection
acrid harsh, like acid
acrimonious full of spite, bitter, nasty
acumen keeness of judgement; mental sharpness
adherent follower; supporter; believer
admonish to warn; scold gently
adroit skillful; dexterous; clever; shrewd; socially at ease;droit=right (Fr.); dexter=right (Lat.); gauche=left (Fr.);
maladroit unskillful
dexterous skillful
adulation wild or excessive admiration; flattery (with a note of insincerity
unadulterated pure
adverse unfavorable; antagonistic
adversity misfortune or unfavorable circumstances
averse opposed; having a strong feeling of opposition
aversion a strong feeling of dislike, opposition
aesthetic having to do with artistic beauty
aesthete someoe who admires beautiful things
affable friendly, easy to talk to
affectation unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress
affinity sympathy, attraction, kinship, similarity/resemblance
affluent rich; prosperous
agnostic opne who believes that the existence of a god can neither be proven nor disproven
aggregate sum total; a collection of separate things
congregate to get together
aggregate to bring together
segregate to keep apart
integrate to unite
alacrity cheerful eagerness or readiness to respond
allege to asset without proof
allocate to distribute, to assign, to allot
alloy (n) a combination o ftwo or more things, ususally metals
alloy (v) to mix things together
unalloyed undiluted or pure
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