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Advertising Vocab

Advertising Vocabulary

The minimum level of necessities and luxuries required to maintain an individual or a group at a common level of comfort. Standard of Living
Form of communication designed to reach a large number of people. Mass Media
A paid public announcement, usually emphasizing desirable qualities, to persuade you to buy an item or a service. Advertisement
Someone who uses goods. Consumer
The amount of time you would spend to find products or services you want. Search Time
Something that you would like to have but can live without. Want
Interpretation of a product or service in a social context. Social Meaning
Everything that affects or is affected by human consumption. Consumer Behavior
Something that you can't live without. Need
Why do advertisements provide biased information? The purpose of an advertisement is to sell you something.
Why are models used in advertisements? They portray how you wish you looked.
How does advertising educate consumers? Advertising teaches consumers about the purpose, features, benefits, and value of the advertised product.
How does advertising promote materialism? Advertisements promote products as symbols of status and success.
All marketing activities, such as advertising, sales promotions, event sponsorships, and public relations. Marketing Mix
The use of superlative in advertising. Puffery
An advertising department in a company whose main business is not advertising. In-house Agency
An agency that specializes in developing creative concepts, writing creative text, and providing artistic services. Creative Boutique
Specializes in buying media time and space. Media-Buying Service
A company made up of professionals who specialize in providing creative and business services involved in planning, preparing, and placing advertisements. Advertising Agency
Specialize in helping clients prepare advertising for new interactive media. Interactive Agencies
Distinct group of productive or profit-making businesses. Industry
Individuals or companies that perform specialized services for advertisers and advertising agencies. External Facilitators
Why isn't puffery illegal? Puffery is legal because the courts believe consumers understand that superlatives are not necessarily true.
What characteristics can be a basis for a community? Location or common interests can form a community.
What impact can advertising have on your wants? Advertising can create wants.
Consists of six to twelve consumers and a professional moderator who discuss the product. Focus Group
Group of people with a common characteristic or interest living within a larger society. Community
Process of making an advertiser's product different from other products in the consumer's mind. Positioning
Statistical characteristics of human populations. Demographics
Subgroup of the market chosen to be the focus of the marketing and advertising campaign. Target Segment
Formalized act or series of acts that is performed frequently. Ritual
Integrated pattern of behavior, knowledge, and beliefs that are acquired from a group and passed on to future generations. Culture
Group of customers with common characteristics. Market Segment
Thorough investigation of the planning, preparation, and placement of advertisements. Advertising Research
Group sharing the same economic or social status. Social Class
Why are rituals important? Rituals reflect the values of a culture.
How is brand loyalty passed from one generation to the next? When children leave home and begin to shop for themselves, they often buy the same products nad brands their parents bought.
How does an advertiser show consistency over time? Consistency over time requires that the advertiser send the same simple message day after day.
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