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Final tri 1


mal bad
post after
port carry
dict say
omni all
lith rock
bene good
cred belive
neo new
uni one
non not
archy government
inter between
vid look
mono one
pond weight
in in or not
sci know
phyte plant
lat side
malapropism ludicrous misuse of a word
nonplussed perplexed
postlude concluding section
hierarchy ranking
portly stout
interdiction prohibition
vide see
omnibus covering many things
monolithic massive and uniform
imponderable difficult to ponder
benediction blessing
incredulous not believing
omniscient all knowing
neophyte beginner
unilateral one sided
ego I
confluence a flowing together
tion act or state
aver affirm or declare
contra against
sol alone
circum around
sangui blood
sangfroid cold blooded composure
ven come
hetero different
pater father
flu flow
megaton force of a million tons of dynamite
ous full of
contravene go against
greg group
altercation heated dispute
mega large
mollify make soft
fy make
paterfamilias male head of family
dox opinion
alter other
hypothecate pledge as security
alter ego second self
gregarious sociable
moll soft
soliloquy speech to ones self
loqu talk
circumlocution talking in circles
put think
putative thought to be
con together
ver true
hypo under
heterodox unorthodox
de down
voc voice
luc light
acr sharp
ambul walk
pugn fight
sequ follow
centri center
ous full of
sanct holy
phon sound
clam cry out
trans across
fort strong
per through
fid faith
non not
loqu talk
sacro holy
caco bad
tang touch
declaim speak rhetorically
sotto voce in a low voice
translucent semi-transparent
forte strong point
fortissimo very loudly
acerbity sharpness of temper
perambulate wander through
perfidy breach of faith
impugn attack as false
non sequitur an idea which does not follow
egocentric self-centered
loquacious talkative
sacrosanct sacred
cacophony bad noise
tangible touchable
dict say
bas low
nihil nothing
muta change
terr land
cogn know
re again
super over
de down
gram writing
obit death
sequ follow
path feeling
ism doctrine
inter between
sed sit
tort twist
anim mind
epi on
ob against
obiter dictum passing remark
obsequious severely following
abase to lower
pathetic fallacy connect feelings to things
ratiocination methodical thinking
mutatis mutandis with necessary changes
interstice small space
terra incognita unknown land
sedate calm
retort swift reply
nihilism belief in nothing
supersede replace
inanimate lifeless
condescend lower oneself
epigram witty comment
anthropo man
gastro stomach
auto self
contra against
viv life
helio sun
culp blame
spec look
mono one
centri center
medi middle
ambi both
ism doctrine
trans across
ex out
intro into
trop turn
lykos wolf
anthropocentric man-centered
gastronome a gourmet or epicure
autodidact self-taught person
monism doctrine that reality is one
in medias res in the middle of things
lycanthrope werewolf
circumambient surrounding
transmogrify change form
reify treat as real
au contraire to the contrary
vivacious lively
circumvent get around
heliotropic sun-following
exculpate free from blame
introspective inward looking
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