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Science exam 5

Optical Systems

Transparent light passes through freely
translucent light passes through and scatteres (some is absorbed or reflected)
opaque no light can pass through, all light is absorbed or reflected
shadows bigger if object is closer to light sorce, smaller if object is farther from light sorce
normal line drawn at right angle to a soldid barrier
incident ray incoming light ray
reflected ray light ray that bounces off
angle of incidence angle between incident ray and the normal, labelled with an i
angle of reflection angle bvetween reflected ray and the normal, labelled with an r
law of reflection the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence
refraction bending of a wave when it passes from one medium to another
light passing through air to water (refraction)bends ___________the normal slows down and bends toward
light passing through water to air (refraction) bends ___________ the normal speeds up and bends away from
angle of refraction angle between the refracted ray and the normal, labelled with an R
when you look at an object under water, it appears to be _______ where it really is above
light can also be refracted in air, resulting in _________ mirages
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