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Science Exam Review

6th grade science review

80km from eaths surface, the_______has no outer limit Thermoshpere
Most meteors and space junk burn up in the ____ Mesosphere
Precipitation falls from the_______ Troposphere
The ozone layer in the ______ absorbs ultraviolet radiation Stratosphere
Ions reflect radio waves to the earth from the _______ Ionosphere
Satellites orbit in the _________ Exosphere
Types of _______ are rain snow sleet or hail Precipitation
Happens when water evaporates and _____in to a cloud Condensation
_______ fronts are indicated by points on a line Cold fronts
_______ fronts are indicated by bumps on a line Warm fronts
Three forms of heat transfer are_______ Radiation condution and convection
Molecules move slower in _______ cold
Molecules move faster in _______ Hot
A sling psychrometer has ___ thermometers 2
Isobars show _______ same pressure
Air Pressure in the top of the atmosphere is _________ than surface level Less Dense
High pressure systems bring Dry, clear and sunny days
the border between two air masses is called a _______ front
A _________ measures wind speed anemometer
A _________ tells the direction of the wind wind vane
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