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Lingua Latina

forma, -ae form, shape, figure
hora, -ae hour
kalendae, -arum (pl.) the 1st of the month
luna, -ae moon
nonae, -arum (pl.) 5th/7th of the month
stella, -ae star
aequinoctium, -i equinox
annus, -i year
autumnus, i autumn
initium, -i beginning
saeculum, -i century
superlativus, -i (gradus) superlative
vesper, vesperi evening
aestas, aestatis (f.) summer
hiems, hiemis (f.) winter
imber, imbris (m.) rain, shower
lux, lucis (f.) light, daylight
mensis, mensis (m.) month
nix, nivis (f.) snow
nox, noctis (f.) night
tempus, temporis (n.) time
urbs, urbis (f.) city
ver, veris (n.) spring
idus, iduum (f. pl.) 13th/15th of the month
lacus, -us lake
dies, -ei (m.) day, date
facies, -ei face
glacies, -ei ice
meridies, -ei (m.) midday, noon, south
mane morning
illustrat, illustrare illustrate, make clear
nominat, nominare name, call
incipit, incipere begin
operit, operire cover
erat, erant was, were
vult, velle want, be willing
aequus, -a, -um equal, calm
calidus, -a, -um warm, hot, f. hot water
clarus, -a, -um bright, clear, loud
decimus, -a, -um tenth
dimidius, -a, -um half
duodecimus, -a, -um twelfth
exiguus, -a, -um small, scanty
frigidus, -a, -um cold, chilly, cool
nonus, -a, -um ninth
obscurus, -a, -um dark
octavus, -a, -um eighth
postremus, -a, -um last
quintus, -a, -um fifth
septimus, -a, -um seventh
sextus, -a, -um sixth
totus, -a, -um the whole of, all
undecimus, -a, -um eleventh
indeclinabilis, -e indeclinable
ducenti, -ae, -a two hundred
sexaginta sixty
trecenti, -ae, -a three hundred
triginta thirty
undecim eleven
item likewise, also
mane in the morning
nunc now
quando when, as
tunc then
igitur therefore, then, so
vel or
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