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Resources-Grade 3

Resources: Natural, Human, Capital

What is the source of almost all energy on Earth? Sun
What do we call taking care of our earth and its resources? conservation
What resource comes from trees? wood
What resource are shoe polish and perfume made from? coal
How long does it take to form fossil fuels? millions of years
What can be created by sunlight, wind, and water energy
What are resources called that can run out? nonrenewable
What can flowing water and moving air produce? electricity
What is the removal of rock and soil material by natural processes such as floods? erosion
What do we call a species that is completely eliminated from earth? extinct
What do humans get their energy from? food
What type of fuel is formed from dead plants and animals? fossil fuels
What do we call things in nature that we use? natural resources
What can we do with paper, glass, and plastic so they will not fill up landfills? recycle
What are plastic, nylon, and make up made from? petroleum
What is glass made from? sand
What do we call the ability to do work? energy
How do we describe coal and petroleum because when we use them up they will be gone? nonrenewable
What kind of resources are wind, water, and sunlight called? renewable
People working to produce goods and services are called ________ resources. human
Machines, tools, and buildings are examples of this type of resource. capital
What do we call things that people make or use to satisfy needs and wants? goods
What do we call people who use resources to make goods and/or provide services? producers
What do we call activities that satisfy people’s needs and wants? services
This was a natural resource in Mali that people traded for salt. gold
"I farm the hilly land and grow olives and grapes." This person is either Rome or ______. Greece
Created by: mrstompkins on 2008-11-05

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