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Wheelock Ch. 15

Wheelock's Latin Chapter 15 Vocabulary (No Numerals)

Italia, -ae f; Italy
memoria, -ae f; memory, recollection
tempestās, tempestātis f; period of time, season, weather, storm
centum indecl adj; a hundred
mīlle indecl adj in sg; thousand
mīlia, mīlium n pl; thousands
miser, misera, miserum wretched, miserable, unfortunate
inter prep + acc; between, among
itaque adv; and so, therefore
committō, -mittere, mīsī, missum to entrust, commit
expectō (1) to look for, expect, await
iaciō, iacere, iēcī, iactum to throw, hurl (appears in compounds as –iciō, -icere, -iēcī, -iectum)
timeō, timēre, timuī to fear, be afraid of, be afraid
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