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7th # theory integer

7th grade km number theory and integers

A number is in _____ if it has a base number and an exponent. exponential form
An _____ represents the number of times the base is multiplied. exponent or power
A ______ is the number being raised to a power. base
A _____ is the product of two identical whole numbers. perfect square
The ______ of a number is a factor that when multiplied by itself equals the number. square root
A _____ is the symbol that stands for a square root. radical sign
An _____ is a math problem with no equal sign. expression
When solving an expression the _____ is parenthesis/exponent, multiplication/division from left to right, and addition/subtraction from left to right. order of operation
_____ include parenthesis ( ) and brackets [ ]. Grouping symbols
A _____ is a set of numbers that create a pattern. sequence
The _____ term refers to the position a number has in a pattern. Nth
_____ are whole numbers and their opposites. Integers
A _____ is a positive integer and its opposites. zero pair
The _____ than symbol looks like >. greater
The ______ than symbol looks like <. less
When _____ integers if they both have the same sign the answer will be a positive, and if the integers have opposite signs the answer will be a negative. multiplying and dividing
When adding integers with opposite signs, ______ and take the sign of the larger number. subtract
To _____ change subtraction to addition, change the sign of the second number and follow the addition rules. (keep, change, change) subtract integers
A _____ is created by the perpendicular intersection of two lines. coordinate plane
The four regions created in a coordinate plane are called _____ and are numbered counter clockwise. quadrants
An ______ is a pair of numbers used to locate a point on a coordinate plane (x-coordinate, y-coordinate). ordered pair
The _____ is the first number in an ordered pair and indicates its location horizontally. x-coordinate
The _____ is the second number in an ordered pair and indicates its location vertically. y-coordinate
The x-axis is the horizontal axis in a coordinate plane and represents the _____ variable. independent
The y-axis is the vertical asix in a coordinate plane and represents the _____ variable. dependent
The _____ is the point (0,0) where the x-axis and the y-axis intersect on a coordinate plane. origin
Created by: suev503 on 2008-10-19

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