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End of Year Exam Vocab

Mixture Physical Combination of Substances
Colloid Mixture like a Suspension Except Its Parts do not Settle
Solution Mixture with Parts that Blend so it looks the Same Everywhere, Even Under a Microscope
Solute The Part that is Dissolved in a Solution
Solvent The Part that Dissolves the Solute in a Solution
Alloy Solution of a Metal and Another Solid (Usually a Metal)
Solubility The Maximum Amount of a Solute that can Dissolve in a Solvent
Distillation The Process of Separating Liquids by Using Evaporation and Condensation
Heat Thermal Energy that Flows Between Objects due to a Difference in Temperature
Temperature Measurement of the Average Kinetic Energy of Particles in an Object
Conduction The Passing of Heat Through a Material While the Material Itself Stays in Place
Convection The Flow of Thermal Energy Through a Liquid or Gas Caused by Hot Parts Rising And Cool Parts Sinking
Radiation The Transfer of Energy Through Electromagnetic Rays
Thermal Conductivity The Ability of a Material to Transfer Heat
Sound Wave A Series of Rarefactions and Compressions Traveling Through a Substance
Medium The Substance The Waves Travel Through
Vacuum A Region That Contains Few or no Particles
Absorption Transfer of Energy When a Wave Disappears Into a Surface
Frequency Number of Times an Object Vibrates per Second
Pitch How High or Low a Sound is
Amplitude How Dense the Air is in Rarefactions and Compressions Compared to Normal Air
Echolocation Finding Things Using Echos
Wavelength The Distance Between one Peak and the Next in a Wave
Photon A Tiny Bundle of Energy by Which Light Travels
Spectrum Light Passing Through a Prism
Electromagnetic Spectrum All Light Visible and Invisible
Reflect To Scatter
Refract Bend
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