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Global Middle east

unit 2

the basic duties of all muslims 5 pillars of islam
The study of the ways of life of early people through the examination of thir phisical remains. archeology
objects made by people artifacts
the sacred book of islam, which contains the word of god, revealed by muhhamed quran or koran
body of laws dealing with private rights of people civil laws
basic features of a civilization include cities,governments,religions, jobs, social classes, arts and archetecture, public works and writing sytems. civilation
a binding agreement covent
the spread of ideas, customs and technologys from one people to another cultural diffusion
wedge-shaped writing of the acient sumerians and other ancient peoples. cuniform
triangular area of marshland formed by deposits os silt at the mouth of some rivers delta
the scattering of the jews from their homeland in palenstine diaspora
trip to mecca thet all muclims are expected to make at least once in their lifetime hajj
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