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WVSOM -- Mendelian G

WVSOM -- Mendelian Genetics

analysis of inheritance patterns to identify and characterize genes Genetics
biological factors that induce particular traits Genes
alternate forms of a given gene, inherited from different parents Alleles
the location on a chromosome, often used to refer to the gene at that site Locus
an allele which always determines the phenotype Dominent
an allele which only determines phenotype in the absence of a dominant allele Recessive
and entity that carries an mutation. The entity can be an allele, or an individual. Mutant
an allele, or individual, that is not mutated; occurring normally in nature. They are usually dominent Wild Type Alleles
the combination of alleles in an individual e.g. the genotype for someone with a Brown eye allele and blue eye allele is Bb Genotype
observable characteristics. The physical manifestation of the genotype. e.g. the phenotype of a Bb person is brown eyes. Phenotype
to carry both copies of the same allele, i.e. both dominant or recessive (BB or bb) Homozygous
to have different alleles, i.e. one dominant one recessive (Bb) Heterozygous
a homozygous individual Homozygote
heterozygous individual Heterozygote
a cross where one gene locus is tracked, e.g. Aa x Aa Monohybrid Cross
a cross where two loci are tracked, e.g. AaBb x AaBb Dihybrid Cross
the first generation produced in a series of crosses Filial 1
the second generation produced in a series of crosses Filial two
inheritance of alleles at one locus does not influence inheritance at other loci Independant assortment
sex determining chromosome, X or Y Sex chromosome
any chromosome except X or Y autosome
a gene located on the X chromosome X linked; sex linked
A male who carries an X linked allele Hemizygote
any gene not located on X, or characteristic not associated with X Autosomal
a cross where three loci are tracked e.g. AaBbCc x AaBbCc Trihybrid cross
1:2:1:2:4:2:1:2:1 F2 Genotypic Ratio; Dihybrid Cross
9:3:3:1 F2 Phonotypic Ratio; Dihybrid Cross
1:2:1 Monohybrid Genotype Ratio
3:1 Monohybrid Phenotype Ratio
Created by: Todd Jamrose Todd Jamrose on 2008-09-24

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