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Indigo Module

Indigo Terminology-Abbreviations (Nutrition)

BRAT banana, rice, apple, toast
BSP bowel sounds present
CDA Canadian Diabetes Association
CF clear fluids
CF-DAT start with clear fluids then progress to diet as tolerated
d/c, dc discharge, discontinue
DAT diet as tolerated (regular diet)
DD diabetic diet
EF enternal feeds
FF full fluids
FF-DAT start with full fluids then progress to diet as tolerated
Fr. French (tube measurement by bore/diameter in units)
GF gluten-free diet
G-tube gastrostomy tube
HF high fiber
HP high protein
J-tube jejunostomy tube
LR low residue
MN minded
NAS no added salt
N-G tube nasogastric tube (Levine tube)
NPO nothing by mouth
PAR parental feeds
PE puree
PEG tube percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube
REG full diet
SS surgical soft
T&A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy diet
Created by: DawnLangridge