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Abbreviations A-R

Lesson 10

a before
aa of each
abd abdominal
a.c. before meals
ADL activity of Daily Living
ad lib as desired
a.m. morning
amt. amount
AROM Active Range of Motion
AX axillary
BID two times a day
BM bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BRP bathroom privleges
C Celsius
C (with line above) with
cal calorie
cath catheter
CBR Complete Bed Rest
cc cubic centimeter
CHF Congestive Heart Failure
cm centimeter
CN charge nurse
CNS Central Nervous System
c/o complains of
DC discontinue
DON director of nurses
Dr. doctor
DX diagnosis
F Fahrenheit
fx fracture
GI gastrointestinal
gtt drop
GU genitourinary
h hour
H2O water
HOB head of bed
HOH hard of hearing
HS hour of sleep
I/O intake and output
IV intravenous
kg kilogram
L liter
lb. pound
LE/LLE/LUE lower extremity; left lower extremity; left upper extremity
Lt. left
MI myocardial infarction (heart attack)
mm millimeter
noc night
NPO nothing by mouth (nothing per oral)
N/V nausia and vomiting
O.D right eye (oculus dexter)
O.S. left eye (oculs sinister)
O.U. both eyes (oculus uterque
oz. ounce
p (with line above after (or post)
P pulse
p.c. after meals
PO by mouth
p.m. evening
pm as needed
PROM passive range of motion
pt. patient
qd every day
qh every hour
q2h every 2 hours
qid four times a day
qod every other day
QNS quantity not sufficient
QS quantity sufficient
R (with circle around it) rectal
R respirations
RE/RUE/RLS right extremity; right upper extremity; right lower extremity
ROM range of motion
Rx prescription
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