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CA Fact-a-thon

CA Fact-a-thon Study Guide cards

Name the four regions of California. mountain, valley, coast, desert
What region do most Californians live in? coast
Name three major cities in the coastal region. San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles
What is the name of the ocean that borders California on the west? Pacific Ocean
What three states border California? Nevada, Arizona, Oregon
What country borders California? Mexico
What is the highest point in California (mountain)? Mount Whitney
What is the lowest point in California (desert)? Death Valley
Why is the Central Valley so important to California? agriculture
What are the two valleys that make up the Central Valley? Sacramento Valley, San Joaquin Valley
What sea is located in California? Salton Sea
How many counties are in California? 58
When did California become a state? 1850
What is the capital of California? Sacramento
Who is the governor of California? Jerry Brown
What two important rivers flow through the Central Valley? Sacramento River, San Joaquin River
What is the state rock? Serpentine
What is the state fish? Golden Trout
What is the state insect? Dog-faced Butterfly
What is the state fossil? Saber-toothed Cat
What is the state nickname? Golden State
What is the state bird? Valley Quail
What is the state reptile? Desert Tortoise
What is the state marine mammal? Gray Whale
What is the state mineral? gold
What is the state motto? Eureka!
What does the motto mean? I've found it!
What is the state tree? California Redwood
What is the state song? "I Love You, California!"
What is the state dance? square dance
What are the state colors? blue and gold
Where do we live? (Planet) Earth
Where do we live? (Continent) North America
Where do we live? (Country) The United States of America
Where do we live? (State) California
Where do we live? (County) Stanislaus County
Where do we live? (City) Turlock
What is the largest river in California that empties into the San Francisco Bay? the Sacramento River
What is the border between California and Arizona? the Colorado River
What is the main farm produce in our area? almonds
What are some land formations in California formed by erosion? mountains, valleys, canyons, coastal areas
What is the name of a large lake or reservoir in our area? Turlock Reservoir
What aqueduct brings water to Los Angeles? Owens Valley Aqueduct or California Aqueduct
What cities, besides Sacramento, used to be the capitals of California? Monterey, San Jose, Vallejo, Benicia
Approximately how many miles does the coast of California stretch? about 840 miles
What is the closest bay to our school? San Francisco Bay
What is the name of a canyon in California that is also a National Park? Kings Canyon National Park
What is the largest city in the state? Los Angeles
What is the name of the largest earthquake fault in California? The San Andreas Fault
What is the name of a famous valley in a California national park that was formed by a glacier? Yosemite Valley or Yosemite National Park
What is the largest desert in California? The Mojave Desert
What is the modern highway that runs along parts of the original El Camino Real? Highway 101
What is the name of an early Spanish or Mexican rancho near our school? San Pedro
What are the names of the cities in California that were started as presidios? Monterey, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and San Diego
What is the name of a large plateau in the northeastern part of California? The Modoc Plateau
What is the name of an early Spanish pueblo in California? San Jose, Los Angeles, or Branciforte
In what mountain range is the Mother Lode located? The Sierra Nevada Mountains
What is the name of the nearest mission to our school? San Juan Bautista
What is the main source of irrigation for the Central Valley in California? The Central Valley Project (CVP)
What is the name of a large city in California that is built on a peninsula? San Francisco
What is the name of the group of islands off the coast of California? The Channel Islands
Who was the missionary who started the first nine California missions? Father Junipero Serra (Father Serra)
Name two volcanoes located in California. Mt. Shasta, Lassen Peak
Name the largest tree in the world, which is also in California. the General Sherman tree
How many National League football teams does California have? three
Identify the closest NBA basketball team. Sacramento Kings
What was the first Major League baseball team in California? Los Angeles Dodgers
Which two years did Los Angeles host the Olympics? 1932 and 1984
What is the tallest building in CA? U.S. Bank Tower (aka Library Tower)
What was the original name of Hollywood? Hollywoodland
Name the closest professional football team. Oakland Raiders
Name the closest professional baseball team. Oakland Athletics
Name the oldest professional baseball team(s) in California. Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants
Name the oldest professional football team in California. San Francisco 49ers
Name the oldest professional basketball team in California. Los Angeles Lakers
Name the closest college. CSU Stanislaus