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7b-apply for visa

机票(jī piào) plane ticket
不过(bú guò) but, however
没(méi) not have
现在(xiàn zài) now
秋天(qiū tiān) autumn
凉快(liáng kuài) cool
打算(dǎ suàn) plan to
太(tài) too
不用(búyòng) no need to
件(jiàn) a piece of
T 恤 衫(xùshān) T-shirt
短裤(duǎn kù) shorts
当然(dāng rán) of course
拍(pāi) pat, take (photos)
别(bié) do not
还有(hái yǒu) and
手机(shǒu jī) cellphone
出去(chū qù) go out
担心(dān xīn) worry
迷路(mí lù) get lost
办(bàn) apply to
买(mǎi) buy
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