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Med_term_suffix 1-25

-ac, -ic, -al, -ar, -ial, -ary, -ous, -tic, -eal pertaining to, related to, located to
-agra excessive pain
-algia pain/suffering
-aphresis removal
-asthenia weakness
-ase use, subject to
-atresia absence of normal body opening
-ase enzyme
-cele hernia, protusion
-centesis surgical procedure to remove body fluid
-cidal killing
-clasia, clast break
-cle, -cule, -ole, -ola, -ule, -ulum, -ulus small
-coccus, -coccis berry shaped
-crit to seperate
-crine separate, secrete
-cyte cell
-desis surgical fixation
-dynia pain
-ectasis dilation,expansion
-ectomy surgical removal
-ectopic displacement
-emesis vomit
-emia blood condition
-ent, -er, -ist, -or person or agnent
Created by: amberburkham