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trait quality or characteristic of a living thing
inherited trait characteristic that a living thing gets from its parents; examples: eye color, finger length, plant flower color, dog fur type, bird building nest, tree large leaves
acquired trait characteristic that a living thing gets during its lifetime; child reads foreign language, child play instrument, plant's leaves have spots from disease, bird finds a feeder, tree's trunk bent by wind
behavior way in which a living thing acts or responds to its surroundings
learned behavior skill that an animal develops after it is born
population group of organisms of the same kind that live in the same area at the same time
gene a part of a cell that controls or influences the appearance, growth, etc., of a living thing
heredity the natural process by which physical and mental qualities are passed from a parent to a child
off spring a person's child; the young of an animal or plant
parent mother or father of a child; an animal or plant that produces a young animal or plant
reproduce to produce something that is the same or very similar
dominant gene describes a gene or trait that will always show itself
recessive gene a trait that is hidden
punnett square chart that shows possible gene combinations
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