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A Question of Faith

Challenges to Faith

Worldview Your general outlook on life
Belief Something you accept as true
Secularism Belief that there should be a clear seperation between all religions and society
Science The study of things that can be observed, measured and weighed
Progress Improvement in some area of life
Creation The action of God that brought the universe and all living things into existence
Fundamentalism We accept a literal reading of the sacred text.We belief it is factually correct and free from error
Geology Explains how our planet has developed over millions of years
The Big Bang A gigantic explosion that result in the forming of the universe
Theory of Evolution All complex forms of life on earth gradually developed over time from simpler forms
Natural Selection Darwins Idea that if an animal can adapt it increases its chance of survival
On the Origin of the Species The book set out Darwins ideas
Genesis The first book of the Old Testament that contains the story of creation
The Soul The source of our spiritual capacity
Galileo's discovery The sun did not revolve around the earth
Up to the Seventeenth Century People believed that the mysteries of life could only be understood by God
After the Enlightenment People believed that some mysteries could be understood by human reasoning
Truth What really is the case, independent of how anyone feels or thinks
Meaning To find or to have a sense of purpose in life
Materialism The view that only material things are real
Reflection Thinking deeply about certain aspects of life
Monotheism The belief in one God
Humanism The belief system that rejects religion and makes sense of life through human reason alone
Personal faith A person's own religious beliefs and response to God
Trust Being able to rely on someone with complete confidence
Faith A strong inner belief and trust in God
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