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First Semester Final

What are the gas (jovian planets) in order from closest to the Sun to furthest away? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
What are the terrestrial planets in order from closest to furthest away from the Sun? Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
What are ocean tides controlled by? Moon's gravity and Sun's gravity (mainly moon)
What theory explains how the Universe began? and developed? Big Bang Theory
What happens to a main-sequence star as it gets older? Hydrogen decreases as it fuses into helium, and helium increases.
What happens to gravitational force between two objects as mass of an object increases? Increases
What is the distance between stars measured in? light years
What should you do after you make a hypothesis? Set up an experiment
What is an observation? Statement made using your senses
How does the Sun generate energy? nuclear fusion
What does your weight depend on? Force of gravity on your body
What is science? System of knowledge and methods used to find that knowledge
What is the proper way to light a bunsen burner? Air valve shut and gas valve open one turn
Why is Pluto no longer a planet? too small, not gravity dominant, too many other objects would be planets if it was.
What does an HR diagram plot? stars according to surface temp and absolute brightness
What would you use to measure the volume of a liquid? graduated cylinder.
Which planet would you weigh the most on? Jupiter (most mass)
What must an object's velocity be like if it is orbiting? just right fast enough not to get pulled in, but not fast enough to escape.
What evidence is there for the Big Bang Theory? red shifting stars and cosmic background radiation
How does distance from an object affect gravitational pull? further the object, the less the pull
How does apparent brightness change for each observer? Closer-brighter, further-dimmmer
What is a scientific law? A statement that explains what always occurs in a particular set of circumstances but not why it happens.
What is the volume of a liquid measure as? liters
How are stars classified? color, size, brightness
Scientific theories are never proven. (True or false?) True
Why is a planet called "terrestrial"? It is similar to Earth
What forces affect an object's orbit? gravity and inertia
Which would drop first in a vacuum: a heavier object or lighter object? Neither: same time
What is an adult star called? main-sequence
Why do astronauts appear weightless in orbit? free fall around a planet
Where do high tides appear on the Earth? closest and furthest points away from the moon
When is parallax measurement useful? when there is a shift in the observers location
What type of galaxy is the Milky Way? spiral galaxy
How can you change the color of a flame on a bunsen burner? changing the amount of oxygen allowed into the barrel
What has happened to the temperature in space since the big bang? Decreased
What force causes stars and galaxies to condense together? gravity
How large was all matter at the time of the Big Bang? size of an atom
What is singularity? point at which all matter existed in a single point
Where is almost all of the mass in our solar system located? The Sun
What does it mean if a star's spectrum is shifted to the red? The star is moving away from the observer.
What does a model do for scientists? A model helps them understand something that is too large, to complex, or to small.
What is a cloud of dust and gas that condenses into a planet called? nebula
What is Hubble's Law? a galaxy is moving away from Earth proportional to its distance
What safety rule is the most important? Always follow your teacher's instructions.
What should someone do if their investigation does not support their hypothesis? Revise the hypothesis and experiment again
How many millimeters are in a centimeter? 10
What is the building block of all matter? atoms
What is it called when the inward force of gravity and the outward force of fusion are balanced? equilibrium
What three criteria must a hypothesis meet to be valid? testable, tentative, and falsifiable
How are scientific theories different from the everyday use of theory? Scientific theories are backed by research
What can a star's spectral line tell an observer? type of elements in the star and the speed at which the star is moving.
What is a propagation of energy? wave
Which electromagnetic wave has the highest amount of energy? gamma rays
If a wave has a longer wave length does it have a higher or lower frequency than a wave with a shorter wavelength? lower
If an object is moving towards and observer what happens to its wavelength? shortens
What is the change in pitch of an object due to motion of the object called? Doppler Shift
What is the top of a wave called? crest
What is the bottom of a wave called? trough
What is the point from crest to crest called? wavelength
Which of the 7 types of the electromagnetic spectrum is the fastest? they all travel at the same speed
What kind of shoes should you wear in the lab setting? closed toed
What is the first thing you should do when you get into the lab area? read the directions
If a model has a scale of 1 cm:100meters, and a line on the model is 4.5 centimeters, how long is the line in real life? 450 meters
What is the curve on the water level on a graduated cylinder called? meniscus
What kind of variable is changed in the experiment? manipulated variable
What kind of variable is kept the same throughout the experiment? controlled variable
What kind of variable responds to the manipulated variable in the experiment? responding variable
What kind of stars are located in the lower left of the HR diagram? white dwarf
What kind of star is in the upper right of the HR diagram? red giant
Where would our Sun be located on the HR diagram? towards the middle left
Where are brighter stars located on the HR diagram? towards the top
Created by: senecairishscience on 2013-12-10

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