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English-Exam Vocab

adherence n. The action of staying loyal or sticking to something
aptitude n. Ability to learn
palpable adj. Capable pf being touched or felt; easily sensed
transgression n. act of going beyond the limits; a violation
prominent adj. sSticking out beyond the surface
serene adj. Showing complete calm
chatise v. To punish severly
nondescript adj. Not easily desribed or classified
bewilderment n. Confusion
sufficent adj. Enough to achieve a goal
petulanty adv. Marked by displays of rudeness
exuberance n. Joyful entusiamsm
prestige n. Importance in the eyes of other people
integral adj. Needed for completeness
ominous adj. Showing a sign of evil or misfortune
pervade v. To spread through all parts
haphazard adj. Marked by lack of plan, order, or direction
instinctively adv. Relating to instinct
augment v. To increase; add to
integrity v. to have totally honesty
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