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SAT Bootcamp [5.6]

Vocabulary for Week 5 Day 6 of SAT Bootcamp

ac, acr sharp, sour ex. acid, acrid
agog leader ex. demagogue
cord heart ex. cordial
fus pour ex. infuse
intra, intro between, among, within ex. intramural, introvert
loqu, locut, log speech, thought, to talk ex. eloquent, circumlocution, monologue
lud, lus play ex. allude, allusion
macro great ex. macrocosm
neg not, deny ex. negative
nov new ex. innovation
pac peace ex. pacify
plac calm, peace ex. placate
pro ahead, forth ex. proceed
quad, quar, quat four ex. quadrilateral, quarter, quaternary
re again, back ex. reiterate
se apart, away ex. separate
spers, spar scatter ex. disperse, sparse
tox poison ex. toxic
trans across, over, through, beyond ex. transient
ver true ex. verify
Created by: alicewithlove on 2008-08-08

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