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Unit 4 Vocab

Employment Law

Promissory Estoppel used by some courts as proper grounds for unjust dismissal lawsuits
Union an organization of employees that is formed to promote the welfare of its employees\
Collective Bargaining contract negotiated by the employer and the representatives of the labor union
Grievance procedure establishes a series of steps that an employee must follow to appeal the decision of an employer who may have violated the collective bargaining agreement
Severance Pay a set amount of money to compensate employees for being discharged and to help them through the time that they remain unemployed
Public Policy Tort allows a fired employee to recover compensatory and punitive damages if he or she can prove that the firing violated public policy
Implied Contract when an employer has said, written, or done something to lead the employee to reasonable believe that he or she is not an at-will employee
Employment at will general rule governing employment in most states
Implied Covenant exception to employment-at-will doctrine that holds that in any employment relationship, there is an implied promise that employer and employee will be fair and honest in their dealings with one another
Right to work laws state laws that prohibit union shops
Child labor laws laws that control the work that children are permitted to do and the hours they are permitted to work
OSHA Occupational safety and health administration- the agency within the federal government that sets safety and health standards for many companies within the united states
Equal Pay Rule states that employers engaged in interstate commerce must pay women the same rate of pay as men; covers hourly workers, executives, administrators, professional employees, and outside salespeople who receives salaries and/or commission
Social Security a government program that supports families by supplying a limited income for a continuing amount of time
Unemployment Compensation system of government payments to people who are out of work and looking for a job
Disability any physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities
Workers Compensation insurance programs that provide income for workers who are injure or develop a disability or disease as a result of their jobs
Hostile Work Environment a workplace that has become a distressing, humiliating, or hostile place because of a pattern of severe and persuasive sexually demeaning behavior
Pension plan retirement plan established by an employer or a union that is designed to provide income to employees after they retire
Quid Pro Quo Harassment occurs when one worker demands sexual favors from another worker in exchange for some employment-related privileges, raise or promotion
Discrimination unequal treatment of individuals based on sex, sexual preference, age, race, nationality or religion
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