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milk 69

chapter e vocab

geosphere all the soils and loose rocks on earths surfaces
crust thin outer layer composed of light elements
mantle the layer benesath the crust
lithosphere earths outer layer
asthenosphere the layer beneath the lithosphere
tectonic plates glide across the underlying asthenosphere
erosion the removal and transport of surface matierial
atmosphere a mixture of gases
troposhere the atmospheric layer nearest earths surface
stratosphere above the stratosphere
ozone a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms
radiation the transfer of energy across space and the atmosphere
conducction the flow of heat from a warmer object to a colder object
convection the transfer of heat by aire currents
greenhouse effect when gases trap heat near the earth
water cycle the continous movement of water inbto the air onto land and then back to water sources
evaporation the process which liquid water is heated by the sun
condensation water vapors form water droplets on dust particles
precipitation particles falling from clouds called rain
salinity the concentration of all the dissolved salts in the ocean water
fresh water a little more than 3 percent of the earths water
biosphere the narrow layer around earths surface
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