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IB commentary terms

Words useful in writing IB english commentaries

Alienation In Capitalism we are estranged from our true natures
Allegory A story that corresponds to another on a deeper level
Bathos A descent from the serious to the ridiculous
Allusion A reference to another work
Ambiguity Unknown, unclear meaning
Ambivalence a complex attitude that has multiple parts
Antithesis Contrasting ideas by balancing opposite words
Apostrophe addressing something inanimate or an off-stage character
Bildungsroman A coming-of-age novel
Blank verse unrhymed poetry not broken into stanzas
Caesura A stop in the middle of a line of poetry
Caricature an exaggurated representation of a character emphasizing a few features
Colloquial Informal register (vocabulary)
Conceit A witty thought, idea, or image of 16th-17th century english poetry
Contradiction Where a stated fact conflicts with something said earlier
Connotation an association that a word has
Defamiliarization Making the familiar seem new and strange
Denouement How the novel turns out
Diction Word choice
Didactic An instructive tone
Dramatic irony Where characters know less than the audience/other characters
Elegy A mournful lament for times or people past
End-stopped line Where the idea stops at the end of a line
Enjambement Where the meaning flows between lines
Epigram A concise, pointed, witty statement
Form The structure of a work
Free verse Poetry with no set meter or rhyme
Grain The assumptions and values of a text
Idyll The innocent, simple life in an idealised, rural setting
Imagery Descriptions that appeal to the senses
Internal rhyme Rhyme that happens within a line
Irony A gap between that is said and what is intended
Lyric An almost musical piece with emphasized feeling
Mimesis use of words suggesting movement, shape, size, texture
Mood A person's or group of people's state of feeling
Motif Recurring elements in a work
Oxymoron Two joined words of opposite meaning
Paradox A seemingly contradictory statement that makes sense
Personification Human qualities given to inanimate objects or ideas
Rhythm Nontechnical flow of sound created by stressed and unstressed syllables
Skaz A narration technique that mimics oral narration
Story The chronological list of events of a narrative
Plot The events of a novel in the order told
Tone The technique of writing to convey an attitude
Trochee A foot of stressed and then unstressed
Subtext Ideas, feelings, etc. existing underneath the text
Symbol An object that represents something of wider significance
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