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Forces and Effects

Q and A about forces and their effects

Name 3 things in which a force can do to a ball. They can make the ball move, make the ball stop, make the ball change directions, make the ball increase the speed, change the shape of the ball.
Define: synthetic man-made/ artificial
How do you measure forces? In what measurement? Using a Newton spring balance. Using the measurement: N= Newtons
Define the two main types of forces: contact force and non contact force. Contact force- when the object or material exerting force touches the object or material. Non-contact force- when the object or material does not touch each other.
What are the two contact forces? Define each of them. [impact force- when a movie object collides with a stationary object, the impact force is exerted by one object to another][strain force-hen elastic materials are squashed,stretched, twisted or bent they exert a force which acts in the opposite directions
What are the 3 non-contact forces? magnetic force, electrostatic force and gravitational force
What happens when a north and north pole are put together? Why? similar poles repels - your hands will be pushed apart
What happens when a south and north poles are put together? Why? different poles attract each other - your hands will be brought closer. the same goes to electrostatic force.
What is the purpose of a 'stop' on spring balances? prevents the spring from stretching beyond its elastic limit
Why would a spring balance without a stop give wrong readings for the weights of the masses hung from it if large masses were used? the string would is stretched so much until it remained slightly stretched. The spring had gone beyond a point called the elastic limit and is permanently deformed. The spring no longer extends in proportion to the mass, giving wrong readings
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