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Medical Terminology


broncho bronchi, airway
cili (sill-ee) hairlike processes
ectasis expansion
laryngo (la-ring-o) larynx, voice box
naso nose
oro mouth
oxy oxygen, keen
pector breast, chest
pleura rib side
pneumo lung
ptysis to spit
pulmo lungs
rhin (rine) nose
tracheo trachea, windpipe
bronchitis bronchial inflammation
ciliogenesis cili forming
atelectasis abnormal expansion
laryngitis larynx inflammation
nasology nose, study of
orofacial mouth and face
osyosmia keen sense of smell
pectoralgia chest nerve pain
pleurisy inflammation of exterior lung lining
pneumonectomy lung excision
hemoptysis bloody sputum
pulmonology lungs, study of
rhinitis nose inflammation
tracheostomy trachea opening
Created by: Heather C