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Chapter 11 Test

1. An intentional cut through intact tissue for the purpose of exposing or excising underlying structures is called a(n) incision
2. Which class of surgical wounds has the highest rate of infection? IV
3.The final wound classification is assigned when the procedure is finished
4. A wound expected to heal by first intention is a(n clean wound
5. Which of the following involves irrigation to wash out contaminants and removal of devitalized tissue? debridement
6. Pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function are classic local signs of __ inflammation
7. Healing where the wound is left open and allowed to heal from the inner layer to the outside surface is __ second intention
8. Which phase of wound healing begins within minutes of injury? lag
9. In which phase of healing does a wound undergo a slow, sustained increase in tissue tensile strength? maturation
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