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Shakespeare isHipHop

Flocabulary Shakespeare is Hip Hop

abrogate to abolish
abundant a great number
algid frigid
blandish to coax through flattery
brumal wintry
buffet to hit or strike
commendable worthy of praise
douse to drench
fabricate to invent
facile easy
fatuous silly
fecund fertile
fetter to restrain
fey magical
figurative symbolic
flabbergasted astounded
flaccid limp
flattery compliments
flout to scorn
forage to rummage
forestall to delay
fortuitous lucky
gay happy
goad to urge
gregarious sociable
hapless unlucky
hiatus an interruption in continuity
hiemal wintry
impecunious excessively poor
incessant without interruption
ingenious marked by special intelligence
iniquity a wicked act
innocuous harmless
inquisitor someone who asks questions or makes an inquiry
lewd vulgar
licentious immoral
mandatory required
myriad many
narrate to tell a story
neologism the creation of new words
neonate a newborn baby
notoriety infamy
pedagogue a school teacher
perfunctory showing little enthusiasm
pervasive inclined to spread throughout
plethora plenty
pliable flexible
poach to hunt or fish illegally
profane indecent
profuse abundant
quotidian daily
radiant bright
sacrosanct sacred
serendipity the act of finding things not sought
subsist to live
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