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ANAT - Upper Limb

Arm/Forearm/Wrist Muscles + Innervation or Action

Pec major - Action adducts/rotates, flexes/extends humerus, pulls scapula forward and down
Pectoralis minor - Action stabilizes/protracts scapula
Subclavius - Action brings clavicle medially
Serratus anterior - Action protracts/stabilizes scapula
Biceps brachii - Action raises/flexes forearm
Brachialis - Action flexes arm
Coracobrachialis - Action flexes/abducts arm
Triceps brachii - Action extends forearm
Anconeus - Action stabilizes elbow, helps extend forearm
Pronator teres - Action pronate forearm
Flexor carpi radialis - Action flex/abduct wrist
Palmaris longus - Action flexes wrist, abducts thumb
Flexor carpi ulnaris - Action flex/adduct wrist
Flexor digitorum superficialis - Action flexes middle joint of fingers
Flexor digitorum profundus - Action flexes last finger joint and for live long/prosper
Flexor pollicis longus - Action flexes thumb joint
Pronator quadratus - Action pronates forearm
Brachioradialis - Action flexes elbow
Extensor carpi radialis longus - Action extends wrist
Extensor carpi radialis brevis - Action extends wrist
Extensor carpi ulnaris - Action extends/adducts wrist
Extensor digitorum - Action extends fingers and wrist
Extensor digiti minimi - Action extends pinky
Supinator - Action supinates forearm
Abductor pollicis longus - Action abducts thumb/wrist
Extensor pollicis brevis - Action extends thumb
Extensor pollicis longus - Action extends thumb
Extensor indicis - Action extends/adducts index finger
Pec major - Innervation Both Lateral AND medial pectoral
Pectoralis minor- Innervation Pierced through by Medial pectoral only
Subclavius - Innervation Nerve to subclavius
Serratus anterior - Innervation Long thoracic
Biceps brachii - Innervation Musculocutaneous
Brachialis - Innervation Musculocutaneous
Coracobrachialis - Innervation Pierced through by Musculocutaneous
Triceps brachii- Innervation Radial
Anconeus - Innervation Radial
Pronator teres- Innervation Median
Flexor carpi radialis - Innervation Median
Palmaris longus- Innervation Median
Flexor carpi ulnaris - Innervation ULNAR
Flexor digitorum superficialis- Innervation Median
Flexor digitorum profundus - Innervation BOTH median (lateral 1/2) and ulnar (medial 1/2)
Flexor pollicis longus- Innervation Median
Pronator quadratus - Innervation Median
Brachioradialis - Innervation Radial
Extensor carpi radialis longus- Innervation Radial
Extensor carpi radialis brevis - Innervation Radial
Extensor carpi ulnaris - Innervation Deep radial
Extensor digitorum - Innervation radial
Extensor digiti minimi - Innervation Deep radial
Supinator - Innervation Deep radial
Abductor pollicis longus - Innervation Deep radial
Extensor pollicis brevis - Innervation Deep radial
Extensor pollicis longus - Innervation Deep radial
Extensor indicis - Innervation Deep radial
5 contents of the carpal tunnel 1. Flexor capi radialis 2. Flexor pollicis longus 3. Flexor digitorum superficialis 4. Profundus 5. Median nerve (sensory to thumb through median ring finger and thenar muscles)
Abductor pollicis brevis - Action abducts thumb, extends IP joint
Opponens pollicis- Action Opposes thumb/other digits
Flexor pollicis brevis- Action Flexes IP joint, helps opposition
Adductor pollicis- Action Adducts and flexes MP joint
Palmaris brevis- Action Tenses skin of the palm
Abductor digiti minimi- Action Abducts/flexes pinky
Opponens digiti minimi- Action Opposition
Flexor digiti minimi brevis- Action Flexes pinky
Lumbricals- Action Flexes MP joints, extends IP joints
Palmar interossei - Action Adduct digits, flex MP joint, extend IP joints
Dorsal interossei - Action Abduct digits, flex MP joint, extend IP joints
Abductor pollicis brevis - Innervation Recurrent branch of median
Opponens pollicis - Innervation Median
Flexor pollicis brevis - Innervation Both Recurrent branch of median AND Ulnar
Adductor pollicis - Innervation Ulnar
Palmaris brevis - Innervation Superficial branch of the ulnar
Abductor digiti minimi - Innervation Ulnar
Opponens digiti minimi - Innervation Ulnar
Flexor digiti minimi brevis - Innervation Ulnar
Lumbricals - Innervation BOTH median (1 & 2) and ulnar (3 &4)
Palmar interossei - Innervation Ulnar
Dorsal interossei - Innervation Ulnar
Created by: janygb143 on 2005-01-23

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