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Soil Study Guide

3rd Grade Science

What is it called when weather (moving water, wind and ice) breaks down rocks into smaller and smaller pieces. Weathering
What is it called when weathered materials (soil) is moved (washed away) by wind and water? Erosion
What is a mixture of weathered rock (clay, sand and silt), minerals, water, air and humus? Soil
What are nutrients created from decaying plants and animals in the soil called? Humus
What is like vitamins for plants in the soil? Humus
What helps mix soil and create holes and tunnels in the soil for air, water and the roots of plants? Worms
What is waste from a person's home or yard that can be saved to help make soil rich in humus? compost
What is it when you take care of resources and do NOT waste them? Conserve
What are the four different types of soil? Sand, Silt, Clay and Loam
What type of soil has large, rough particles, is very loosely packed, does not hold water well, and is not strong enough to hold heavy plants upright? Sand
What type of soil feels like flour, can be dusty and does not have any nutrients in it? Silt
What type of soil is sticky, thick, holds too much water and is packed very tightly? Clay
What type of soil holds water well, has a lot of nutrients and is best for growing plants? Loam
What are the three layers of soil? Topsoil, Subsoil, and Bedrock
What is the top layer of soil, can have humus and is best for growing plants? Topsoil
What is the second layer of soil and has no humus. Subsoil
What is the bottom layer of soil, has large pieces of solid rock, and is the layer where new soil begins? Bedrock
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