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surgical terminology

pref/suff/and combining forms

ankyl/o bent, crooked, stiff, fused, fixed, closed
auto-, aut self,same
bio- life
-centesis puncture
circum- around,circular,circular movement
-clasia, -clasis, -clast break, breaking
cry-, cry/o cold
-desis binding,stabilizing,fixation of a bone to joint,tie together
dors/i,dors/o back,back portion,towrad the back
-ec out,away
-ectomy removal of an anatomic structure; literall,"to cut out"
electr/o electric;electricity
-esthesia perception,feeling,sensitivity
herni/o hernia,rupture,protrusion of a part of a structure through the tissues containing it
lith-,lith/o stone,calculus,calcification
-lysis dissolution(G. loosening)
mes-,mes/o middle, mean, intermediacy
-opsy excision or removal of
os- mouth
-ostomy artificial,nonphysiologic,or surgical opening; literally,"to cut a new mouth"
-otomy a cutting operation; literally, "to cut into"
-pexy fixation,usually surgical
-plasty surgical procedure for repair of a defect or restoration of form and/or function of a part
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
-rrhexis rupture
-scope instrument for viewing, but meaning expanded to include other methods of examination
-scopy action or activity that uses an instrument for viewing
-stasis stop,stand
-stomy artificial or surgical opening
sub- beneath, below, less than normal or typical, inferior (i.e.,worse)
sym-, syn- together,with,joined
tom to cut
-tome a cutting instrument
-tomy incision,a cutting operation
trans- across,through,beyond
-tripsy rubbing,crushing
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