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China Geography

A rich, yellowish soil blown in from the desert Loess
China is the _____ largest country in the world 3rd
The _______ River cuts through the north china plain Huang
The climate of the North China Plain is made up of _______ summer and ________ winters Hot and Cold
The climate of the G.Z. Region is hot, __________and wet steamy
The capital of china is __________ Beijing
The ________ region is a rocky land made up of mountains Tibetan Plateau
Beijing is located in the ____ _____ ____ North China Plain
China has the largest _______ in the world Population
The North China Plain region is located on the _______ coast of China East
The _____ ______ ______ is the birthplace of civilization in China North China Plain
Due to its location & climate of G.Z. Region is one of the best _______ regions in china Farming
When farmers grew 2 different crops on the same land in the same year this was called _________ ________ double cropping
The geography of the G.Z region also includes lands carved by __________ limestone
The Tibetan Plateau is located in the _______ border of china western
The ________ are Tibetan speaking people and are China's largest minority Zhuang
Due to the landscape of the Tibetan Plateau many Zhuang are ________ herders and plant barley nomadic
The tallest peak in the world known as the _______ are located in the tibetan plateau region Himalayas
The 2 large deserts in China are Taklimakan and Gobi
This was built to protect China from invaders The Great Wall of China
China is bordered on 3 sides by seas, mountains and deserts
Negative effects of China's geography It isolated China from other areas, made travel, trade and spread of ideas difficult, and only 10% can be used for crops.
Positive effects of China's geography Natural protection from attacks, varied culture and climate.
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