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Mitosis Test

What is Mitosis? Mitosis is the process of which the human body produces new cells for growth and repair.
What is S-Phase important for? S-Phase is important for mitosis to occur.
What happens during S-Phase? A process called DNA REPLICATION happens
S-Phase: What does DNA REPLICATION allow? This allows the chromosones to duplicate; attached at the centromere.
What happens during Early Prophase? The chromosones begin to coil; The nuclear membrane begins to break down, which will eventually be recycled.
What is a spindle fiber? A spindle fiber is hollow like a 3D football.
What does a centriole do during Late Prophase? Centrioles connect to the spindle fibers on either end.
In late prophase, what are the spindle fibers and centriole made from? Recycled membrane
What happens during Late Prophase? The spindle fibers and centrioles form; The chromosones are fully coiled
What happens during Metaphase? The chromosones attach to the spindle fibers at the centromere on the "metaphase plane"
What happens during Anaphase? The spindle fibers are getting pulled to either end and the duplicated chromosones (chromatios) are pulled to either end; They split at the centromere
What happens during Telophase? The new nuclear membranes are forming around the chromosones at either end, made from recycled spindle fibers and centriole; New cell wall is starting to form in the middle; chromosones are starting to uncoil
What happens during Cytokinesis? Now have 2 daughter cells of which are identical to each other and the original cell (2 pairs)
What word represents the order of phases? SELMATC
In what order do the phases go? S-Phase; Early Prophase; Late Prophase; Anaphase; Metaphase; Telophase; Cytokinesis
Created by: abbeygri

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