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asset capital is a term used to descride borrowed funds that must be returened false
a job description should include teh equipment needed to do the job. true
collateral is anything of value that you pledge as payement to a loan true
robin plans to open a donut shop. currently she is decidining wether to buy leasse or build a shop. according to the text book leasing offers her the most advantages true
in creating a business plan, it is the best to avoid mentioning any skills you need but hhave not yet aquired false
what section of business plan includes data about population distribution and local prevailing economic conditions? trading area analysis.
according to the text, what is the best way for a business owner to decide which market to target? to study the way certain populations perceive their own needs.
what is the diagram of the various jobs and functions within a company called? organization chart.
what economic measurement combines population size disposable income, and retail sales figures? the buying power index.
what is the method business owner most frequently use to finance their business? using owners' personal savings.
with seven uears of boat repair expirence, Jimmy feels ready to oen his own business. He will need to borrow money from a lending institution to start operations. This means he will have to depend on ______________ capital to finance his shop. debt
tennis shoe emporium opened a new store next to ultimate sports uniforms inc. in business terms tennis shoe emporium is a(n) _________ business complimentary
solo proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations are all types of business _________ ownership
__________ is the U.S. government agaency that has created over 900 centers to provide management and technical assistance to small businesses and new entreprenuers. SBA
according to the text thte three main types of ownership are sole proprietoraship, _______, and corporations partnership
disposable income is aso known as ____________ income buying
____________ are statistics concerning a population's age range ethnicities, and marital status variations demographics
in his bsiness plan eduardo carefullu expalined how his business would be run and what he perceived would be his compauns role i tne local economy. Thus, eduardo was desrbing his business _________. philosophy
deciding where to locate a business in extrmely important because location has a direct offect on a business's __________ sales
property and goods that can be converted into money to finance business operations G
cooperative financial association formed by a group of employees. J
someone who puts moneyh into a business K
a description of one's training, strengths, and weaknesses. I
the geographic area from whcih a business's customers come. C
describes how a consumer decides when and where to make purchases. F
a business's plan for a managing goods it purchases or manufactures. E
money that was recieved by a consumer as wages,interest, or profits, and from which taxes have been subtracted. A
factors total population,income, retail, to determine area sales potential. D
a descriptive proposal that is submitted to potential investors or lenders H
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