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Question dillon boggessAnswer
because brand names are so important many marketing researchers test market brand names before using them for product promtion T
about one-third of a product's retail price pays for the product's packaging design and development. F
a branded product costs more than an unbranded one because the brand product is advertised more widely T
a private brand is required by law to include the manufacturer's names on the product F
according to public opinion surveys,Americans will buy products with environmentally friendly packaging even if they have to pay more for such products. T
a u.s. oil company once used a star to identify its products and itself. what was this star? brand mark
printed on the cartons of Ben and Jerry's ice cream are messages promoting saving the rain forests. this is an example of what type of packaging cause packaging
what does a products names or mark when it is legally registered? trademark
what is a product's success or failure in the marketplace largely determined by? customer reaction to the product"s package
which government body is responsible for enforcing the 1990 nutrition labeling and education act, which protects consumers from deceptive labeling? food and drug adminstraction
on a food label, the date after which a product should not be used is called? expiration
are the initials of the federal agency that created and maintians the guidelines for the companies wishing to make environmental claims on products labels ftc
is the product feature that assures consumers of consistent quality, addresses new target markets and establishes product image branding
a consumer who wants a basic st s low cost will most likely purchase a ----- brand product generic
a product or package can only be labeled as ---- if it can actually be reused as raw material for a new product or package recyclable
of the three types of brands the type that can be controlled by retailers and that yields highestnprofits for retailers is the brand private distributor private store dealer
starbucks coffee co has an agreement with barnes & noble to opens coffee shops inside their bookstores. is the term used for this stategy co-branding
when consumers buy food products they buy brands nearly nearly 70 percent of the time national
some juice manufactions market boxes of juice containing only ounces of liquid instead of the usual packaging
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