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most difficult step in marketing research defining problem
comdines natural observation with personal interviews point-of-sale
guides respondents to answer only questions that apply filter questions
encouraging one outcome over another bias
facts or information data
allows customers to choose answers forced-choice questions
the most frequently used method of collecting primary data survey method
visual appearance and design formatting
a controlled zpproach used to test the results of new package designs or new promotions experimental method
a part of the target population sample
courteny,a market researcher because the problem is unusual courtney cannot find any relevant information from previous studies and so she will need to gather ___ data primary
Trends in food research an development could be a publicationeagerly read by food marketers. therefore it would be a _____ publication trade
Secondary data is easily obtained on the Internet True
The U.S. Bureau of the Census collects the federal census data once every four years. False
Most people are more willing to respond to a personal interview than to a self-administered questionnaire. True
A questionnaire must be clearly written so that all respondents interpret the questions in the same way, thus responding to the questionnaire reliability True
The written questionnaire sent by mail is relatively inexpensive, can reach a large audience, and has a return rate of about 60 percent. False
In marketing research terms, a(n) _____ group is a group of six to ten people who are brought together by researchers to discuss a particular situation or reactions to a product. focus
The research method that is best used as a means of gathering information about employees behavior and operations is the ______ method. observation
The _______ method is the research that is used lease often, partly because of the expense it entails. experimental
The ______ method is most frequently used to collect primary data. survey
Unfortunately, the questionnaire measured customers' general feelings about dance more accurately than it measure their feelings about her merchandise. Therefore, the questionnaire had very weak _________. validity
A survey question to which respondents construct their own responses is called a(n) _________ question. open-ended
In creating multiple choice surveys it is important to make the options ________ exclusive and comprehensive. mutually
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