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can be used when the price of a product will soon increase standing room only close
a first attempt to get a customer's agreement to buy trial close
the period in which a salesperson should try to reinforce a customer's buying decision departure
techniques for nurturing customer relationships to analyze what has occured relationship marketing
offering a cutsomer a payment plan for a purchase perseverance
can be used when a customer has clearly indicated positive feelings about a purchase evaluate
a short time when merchandise is discounted service close
encouraging a customer to view a purchase decision as a choice betwteen tow items direct close
The salesperson at the Car Agency always call a customer three weeks after he or she has purchased a car to see if the the customer is satisfied with the car and the agency's service. The calls exemplify the after-sale activty known as a(n)_______. follow-up
Courtney owns an art gallery. Recently, she heard a customer say, "This landscape painting will be perfect for the north wall in my dining room." Courtney recognized the cutsomer's implied ownership as a buying ______. signal
"May i write up your order now?" is the question to be used during a(n)______close. direct
of of the most helpful techniques for closing the sale is a dramatic product ______. presentation
John works in a coffe store where he sells coffe and coffe-making equipment.John is rarley succesful at suggestion selling because he usually ask "what else can i get for you?" john needs to be more_____in his sugestions. direct leading specific
Often,hotel guest will find a questionare in their rooms that ask to rate the services they recieve from the hotel staff.The questionair help the hotel manegment in the aftewr-sale activity called____? evaluation
A salesperson should not rush a customer into making a buying decison because, in a customer-orientated marketplace,ther salesperson's primary intrest should always be in a customer_______. satifacation
"This brass lamp would look very elegnat on the coffe table you're purchasing," is an example of the suggestion selling method called "offering ________ merchandise." related
Companies use relationship marketing strategies in order to encourage ___________________ buisness. repeat
The sales close that should be used infrrequently because it can be viewed by the customer as a pressure tactic is the standing room only close
Latasha sells upscale casual wear. Just before she writes up a customer's order, she shows the customer the store's newest merchandise. What method is she using to sell additional merchandise? offered related merchandise
During what stage of selling should you educate a customer about the special care or special instructions an item requires? departutre
What is the easiset and most effeiective method of suggestion selling? offered related merchandise
What should the salesperson do when a customer is havng diffuculty making a buying decision? stop showing additional merchandise
if a trial is a failure in a retail setting,the salesperson should continue with the product presentation true
Encouraging a customer to make a decision between two items is an example of trial close. false
many perfume and make-up salesperson offer customers a gift such as a make-upo bag or small bottle of perfume with a puchase.This offer is part of a service close. true
As a customer leaves a shop, the salesperson should thank him or him even if the customer has not made true
The time for suggestion selling is immediately before a sale is closed. false
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