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8SS_Road Revolution

The Road to Revolution (Kendall)

What brought English colonists into contact with French colonists? westward expansion
What did the French want to stop the English from gaining more of? territory
Who did the English also encounter more problems with as they pushed westward? the Native Americans
Who joined forces with the French? many tribes
Who won many battles initially? the French and Native-Americans
How did the English drive out most of the French from America? England sent 20,000 soldiers to America
What war cost the English a lot of money? the French and Indian War
How did the English pay their war debts and expenses? the English imposed new taxes on the colonies
What year was the Stamp Act passed? 1765
What items did the Stamp Act cover? all printed documents, newspapers, books, legal papers, playing cards
Why was it called the Stamp Act? an official stamp had to be placed on all documents to prove tax had been paid
What is taxation without representation? being taxed by the English government without the right to have colonial representatives in Parliament.
Who were the Sons of Liberty? a large group of men who decided to put an end to the Stamp Act
What did the Sons of Liberty do to put an end to the Stamp Act? they prevented large cargoes of stamped papers from entering the colonies
When was the Stamp Act repealed? 1766
What act was passed after the Stamp Act was repealed? the Townsend Acts
What was the Townsend Acts? Colonists had to pay a tax on imported goods
What did the English do to ensure taxes were collected? they sent soldiers
What did the colonists do in response to the Townsend Acts? they boycotted English products
What does boycott mean? refuse to buy
Created by: ndmsteach